The Most Anticipated Netflix Show of 2016

Activision-Skylanders Academy Netflix Fall 2016

Yeah, OWTK is a proud member of the Netflix Stream Team but full disclosure time: we haven’t turned on Netflix once in over 6 weeks thanks to travel, end of school activities, birthday party prep and, well, life. But this fall, we’re prepared to give the Netflix button on our Roku remote a workout more intense than hot yoga after a spin class because this fall the most anticipated Netflix show of 2016 debuts:

Skylanders Academy

Here the press release language about the first ever Skylanders show:

Portal masters rejoice! Your favorite Skylanders are heading to the television screen in “Skylanders Academy,” the highly anticipated, animated action adventure series based on the wildly popular Skylanders franchise. The first production from Activision Blizzard Studios’ announced it received a two season order from Netflix with an anticipated Fall 2016 premiere date. The show has something for everyone – existing fans, new audiences, children, young adults and parents – with a slew of talented voices including that of Ashley Tisdale, Justin Long, Parker Posey, Susan Sarandon, and of course, Richard Horvitz as the evil Kaos.

Parker Posey, for the win.

I don’t know too much about Skylanders Academy yet but my girls and I envision a school setting with precocious Skylanders training, going to class and basically being a Skylanders Hogwarts which we would be 110% a-okay with!

Skylanders Imaginators, the newest game in the Skylanders franchise, comes out in the fall too meaning you can pretty much guess what Halloween and Christmas are going to look like this year.


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