Have A Summer Adventure With The Okee Dokee Brothers on Netflix

Okee Dokee Brothers on Netflix

The Okee Dokee Brothers, a three-time nominated, one-time winner of the Grammy Award for Best Children’s Album, have quietly made three gorgeous films that accompany those remarkable Americana CDs.

The three short movies, each under one hour long and each documenting the physical journey best friends Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing (aka The Okee Dokee Brothers) made to make those albums, are now on Netflix for streaming and for downloading to enjoy while you and your kids travel this summer.

In each documentary short film, the fellas showcase their goofy humor, songwriting chops, a true love for each other and the natural world, and an intense curiosity inherent in all of us but in children especially. My girls and I adore this band and these movies, and we think you and your children will too.

  • Start with the Okee Dokee Brothers’ first adventure album film, for the Grammy Award winning Can You Canoe? That one documents Justin and Joe’s month long canoe trip down the Mississippi from Minneapolis to St. Louis.
  • Next, go Through the Woods as the Okee Dokee Brothers spend a few weeks hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail.
  • Finally, Saddle Up for a western adventure on horseback through Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming.

The music is stellar, the friendship real, and the cinematography is out of this freaking world.

After you fall in love with the band (which undoubtedly will happen), take your kiddos to see the Okee Dokee Brothers perform live this summer!

Enjoy the full Okee Dokee Brothers movie catalog on Netflix to stream or download right now!

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Note: while the Okee Dokee Brothers movies are in the right genres on Netflix (Children and Family Movies, Movies for Ages 3-4, Movies for Ages 5-7) they are not showing up in the Kids Portal.

*OWTK is a member of the Netflix Stream Team. All opinions expressed above and honest and unbiased, as always. We really do love this band and their beautiful films. Heck, we even had the fellas over to our house for dinner when their first adventure was still being planned! And later, a song from that album would impact me deeply and go on to be sung to the Mouse nearly every night from then until present day.

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