Taking Netflix On The Road

It’s gonna be a hot, hot summer as we go coast to coast on the great American road trip. The days will be fun, but also long and tiring for all of us but especially for those with smaller legs and lower endurance levels. That’s why we’re taking Netflix on the road with us and have plans on employing plenty of air-conditioned hotel down time for the girls to recharge their batteries. There will be more than a few Netflix ‘vedge out’ sessions snuggled in crisply made hotel beds.

Here’s what I’ve queued up in my Netflix account before leaving — in edition to Super 4, Dragons: Race to the Edge, and Inspector Gadget — for the Bear and the Mouse to watch during our epic 3-week, 3200 mile journey.

Netflix StreamTeam Road Trip PlaylistNetflix StreamTeam Road Trip Playlist 2

Of course they won’t work through each and every one of these movies and shows, but with all the Planet Earth documentaries, PBS Wild Kratts, classic Danger Mouse, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Magic School Bus episodes, plus favorite flicks like Lilo & Stitch (the only movie my girls have ever seen in a minivan, during the Toyota Sienna launch event in Hawaii last year), Boxtrolls, and Labyrinth, and new-to-them movies like The Gruffalo, Jimmy Neutron, and James and the Giant Peach (which they’ve seen on stage but never on screen), getting their Netflix ‘vedge’ on will be swift as they’d like after a day of urban or nature exploring somewhere/everywhere across the United States.

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