Going Back To School With Netflix And The Great British Baking Show

great british baking show netflix

In a dream world, my daughters would have gone back to baking school in a lush Yorkshire garden this week not elementary and middle school tucked into the back of a corporate park’s asphalt parking lot.

Instead, because their lives are not being lived #1) in Britain or #2) in a studio kitchen (and outdoor tent) surrounded by ganache and fondant, I’ve pretty much let them loaf (see what I did there?) around binging watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix all of last week, the last week of summer, the week before normal-not-baking-school began anew.

This tweenage British Bake-Off binge has served as the very bottom of the long summer slide my two daughters have been slipping and sliding down since the moment they each tossed their book bags into the corner of the living room in mid-June.

Their summer with Mary, Paul, Sue and Mel was a delicious, chill and memorable way to unwind before the heat in their scholastic kitchen gets cranked up.

great british baking show netflix

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