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The Ballad of a Goose Mom Blogger


Can you even imagine being a goose trying to write a parenting blog? This is the Ballad of a Goose Mom Blogger.

“We’re so happy to welcome our five little furry bundles of joy into the world!! #Blessed” – 7:43 AM May 9, 2015

“The kids are doing so well! They are eating solid grass, getting along with each other like little angels, and are even fluffier than the day they were born – I didn’t even think that was possible!” – 3:21 PM May 16, 2015

“They grow up so fast!!! The goslings are making new friends, crossing too many busy streets, and staying out late. I’m worrying so much that I’m having trouble falling asleep. Thank goodness for wine! #WineOClock” – 8:49 PM May 21, 2015

“Spencer, my wild one, left home this morning. He stormed off saying he needs to spread his wings in the big city. #Sad #HugYourKids” – 11:27 AM May 24, 2015

“We’re empty nesters now. It is sooo quiet here. I think we’ll learn to enjoy having the place to ourselves again but it seems like just yesterday there were a handful of adorable babies here, snuggling me in the morning and begging for an extra treat at bedtime. Thank you for following along with our parenting journey!!! #Grateful” — 3:36 PM May 27, 2015

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