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Dads Share Their Kid’s First and Funniest Words

Jimmy Fallon Dada Book

Confession time, I haven’t the foggiest idea what either of my daughters’ first words were. I’d like to think each kid blurted out a loud & proud “dada!” because, well, duh, but I’d only be guessing.



“Let’s Go Red Wings!”?

Maaaaaaaybe, but no, probably not.

Jimmy Fallon, the comedian and host of The Tonight Show, agrees with my best guess. His children’s book, released last year by Macmillan Children’s Publishing, is prophetically titled YOUR BABY’S FIRST WORD WILL BE DADA. Actually, I don’t know if that’s a peek into a crystal ball or a command from Mr. Fallon, but it sure makes for good copy as a funny and adorable picture book.

In honor of YOUR BABY’S FIRST WORD WILL BE DADA, I asked some of my dad blogger pals for one of two things, their kid’s first word or the funniest word/phrase their kid has ever said. Here’s a sampling of what I got back:

Mike Cruse from Papa Does Preach found it hilarious every time his little kid would sigh and say, “Daddy, what I going to do wit you?”. Man, that does sounds tremendously adorable. Hopefully Mike has a few of those on video.

When his daughter was about 11 months old she could barely talk but when she wanted a snack, Vincent Daly from Cute Monster says you’d hear her loud and clear from her car seat demanding “CWA-KER!”

Armin Brott’s kids were early talkers. They had a UC Berkeley student as a babysitter for his oldest, and right around their daughter’s first birthday, she announced that she was a ‘parapsychologist’. (the kid, not the student)

Nick Downey of Dad With A Blog breaks out his #sadtrombone to tell of his daughter’s first word: “dog”. It would be another year before she would say “dad”. Up until that time, she just called him mom. [OUCH]

Ben Mullen of the Poppin’ Bottles Dadcast still likes it when people shout “Hey!” at him because his daughter’s “first successful word was ‘hey’, and it was used very often after that. More often in the back of the car with many different inflections. I’ve never been summoned so much with such an adorable voice.”

Mike Heenan, writer of At-Home Dad Matters, says that “As a NorCal dad we had to teach her the word “hella” early on. Don’t judge. Webster approves.”

The son of Inked-Up Dad’s Jay Wisniewski “decided his first word would be “Nana”. Nope, not mommy, not daddy. Nana. Which is what we’ve always called his grandmother.”

We get two first words from Nick Dawson of DadLabs: “The Girl’s (she’s 1.5) first word(s) were “dankuu”… (Thank you.) She says it all the time. No matter if she is handing you something, or you hand her something. Really great is the long ‘daaaannnkooooo” usually following handing her a bottle. I believe TheBoy (now 8) said “no” as his first word.”

Having twins has been advantageous for Spike Zelenka, not only did he get a great blog name in Double Trouble Daddy he also had the first word problem all sorted: “It depends on who you ask. I KNOW their first word was Dada. My wife will tell you it was Mama. Because we have twins, we can split the difference and both win.”

Simon Ragoonanan of Man Vs. Pink fame heard an odd first word from his kiddo: “My kid’s first word was ‘burp’ – we waited a few weeks before calling it as the first word, as we were slightly mortified about it.”

DadnCharge’s Chris Bernholdt has this (Bear and cat) tale to tell: “My son’s first word was “Budas” as he used to follow our cat Butters around the house all day trying to pull on his tail. After that, I taught him to say “Did-Da” for Ditka.”

Finally, Jimmy Fallon was spot on for Rob Ainbinder who’s kid said “dada”. Rob adds, “it blew me away. Think I even got misty eyed.”

YOUR BABY’S FIRST WORD WILL BE DADA is still available wherever books are sold but you still have time to enter OWTK’s massive $1000 Father’s Day giveaway which includes a copy of the book autographed by Jimmy Fallon. How cool is that?!

*Big thanks to Macmillan for sponsoring this post and providing a signed copy of Jimmy Fallon’s DADA book for the giveaway.

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