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Preserve the Playdate!


There’s been a lot of fuss lately made over “dad blogger” Chris Bernholdt’s cockamamie scheme to, as he puts it: “BANISH THE PLAYDATE.” In Bernholdt’s world of make believe, kids would use “rotary phones” to “spontaneously” “play” with their “friends.” And they would climb something called a “tree.” WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION!!

This cheese-hating Daddy Blogger is trying to take America back to an unsafe era when playgrounds were not made entirely of bouncy rubber, when children rode bikes and were left in charge of their own play time, a dark time when young people were not provided highly-detailed instructions from a caring adult which explained exactly how to furnish their very own stained glass window crafts “just for fun.”

In his pie-in-the-sky scenario, Bernholdt would be “weeding” his yard with his back probably turned while YOUR children play on a swing set that is, in all likelihood given his cavalier attitude, not up to 2014 play equipment safety code — it may even have WOODEN elements!! WOOD!!!! But this Stay at Home Dad “blogger” doesn’t stop there! Bernholdt also has the gall to suggest a sprinkler be turned on, probably while he still pulls weeds WITH HIS BACK TURNED!, and that kids be allowed, nay, encouraged! to partake in water play that may potentially cause a child, YOUR CHILD!, to slip and, potentially, fall and suffer a bruised elbow or knee. OR WORSE!

This kind of irresponsible parenting is exactly why dads should go back to doing what they are supposed to: working full time and providing for their family the only way dads can, by working full time at a full time job. Nearly a % of all internet parenting experts agree that when dads like DadNCharge are in charge, children may smile, laugh, jump, run, swing, get wet, and make terrific memories, and as we all know too well in 2014, ALL OF THAT behavior might lead to terrible things I cannot even mention here on this family friendly website.

So please, I encourage you to PRESERVE THE PLAYDATE — the safe, organized, adult-led, pre-scheduled, mutually agreed upon time where children can have safe and organized fun for a specific pre-scheduled period of time in a safe and mutually agreed upon location. The future of our nation depends on it.

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  1. What a beast that guy is! He must be stopped. Long live the playdate.
    Oh, and G-d Bless America.

  2. My swing set was rusty metal and it bounced off the ground every time we swung very high catching and cutting our hands on the unprotected metal chains. We flew off those swings and landed in hard dirt on the ground scuffing our knees and breaking arms; not that soft rubbery pansy stuff. That metal slide was brutal on hot days scorching our hands and behind. I hit my head on that monkey bar so many times, I’m sure I had more concussions than an NFL player. It is what made us men and why we are supposed to be working and not playing house with the kids. Return to traditional values! The playdate must go!

  3. Chris Bernholdt is precisely why we can’t have nice things.

  4. Hahaha, Exactly Troy!

  5. YES! Lead the way, Russell!!

  6. Must. Stop. Bernholdt…

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  8. While I am not saying ban the playdate, I somewhat agree with that dad. Playdates take the spontaneity, imagination and creativity out of the kids. The whole purpose of play is for a group of kids to get a long, have fun and just play. When parents plan every single step from snack to what to do to craft time there is no chance for that to happen. I can see when the kids are age 1-2, yes planning this is important, and by age 3-4 some planning helps but the kids can be left to play in an adjacent room with visual supervision. But by 5 or so, kids need to learn to do some of this planning on their own. And by age 10 kids should be able to work out a play time. At 10 both my kids could plan out dates, times etc. for friends. They were never left neglected or unsupervised. They were just left to their own devices with an adult watching nearby. Giving them a chance to act with their own choices. And in the future be able to act independently and plan their lives. Not sit and wait for directions. Too many young adults cannot think or act on their own without someone leading or guiding them every step of the way, and maybe that’s because of playdates.

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