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How To Be A Skylander With Mega Bloks

For the first time ever, Skylanders can actually come to life in your living room and in your front yard as MEGA Bloks ventures outside their highly-detailed construction sets to make kid-friendly Skylander weaponry.

Ignitor’s flame sword and Trigger Happy’s golden gun are the first in what hopefully will someday be an expansive line of Skylanders Giants playthings: Jet-Vac’s rocket launcher? Yes please! Crusher’s over-sized mallet? Sign us up! Thumpback’s iron chain and anchor? Okay, maybe that last one isn’t the greatest idea.

Skylanders Ignitor

The Skylanders Mega Bloks Ignitor’s Flame Sword is a super sturdy foam-flamed, grey plastic handled, battery operated toy weapon that looks beautiful and does exactly what it is designed do to: when switched on and swung from side to side or straight down to finish off an enemy troll or chompy, it produces the equivalent of a burning motion sound that is very similar to that of Ignitor’s sword action in the Sklanders game itself. The play value here is high for any Skylanders lover when it is time to power down the game, turn the TV off, and get outside to recreate the ongoing battle against Kaos and his laughably evil minions.

Here’s Mouse showing you exactly how to brandish Ignitor’s flame sword out in the yard:

The sword is great for pretend hand to hand combat and/or helping with authentic Skylanders cosplay but the Skylanders Mega Bloks Trigger Happy Dart Launcher is the gem of this tiny two toy collection. The gun holds six high-quality foam darts that fly a good distance straight and true for about 20 feet. I’d say you’d want two of these to fully mimic the hilarious Trigger Happy but the gun cannot be fired in rapid succession without cocking the barrel before each shot, so you’ll need two hands to make it work. Still, with a single Skylanders Mega Bloks Trigger Happy Dart Launcher your kid will be able to spend their entire summer chasing squirrels or little sisters around the neighborhood and laughing like a little tongue-wagging maniac all the way!

Here’s Bear (as the giggly Trigger Happy) and Mouse (as a menacing troll popping up behind a wooden barrel) recreating a scene from the Skylanders Cloud Patrol app:

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*OWTK received both products mentioned above for review consideration. The opinions expressed in this post are honest and unbiased, as always. This post contains affiliate links and children acting adorably violent.

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