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The At-Home Dad Chronicles: The Same Thing, Differently

Years ago, when our Skylanders kids were nothing more than a distant twinkle in our hopefully, young-adult eyes, I cooked a dinner for friends, with a printed menu and everything! It was a tasting menu, because I was watching too much Food Network and was prone to trying hard, with a featured ingredient, crab, prepared three ways. I still think that sounds neat, if not a touch pompous — Crab, Prepared 3 Ways. Heh.

Last night, the kids and I participated in the playtime version of that tasting menu. We Skylandered, Three Ways.

We three sat together at the dining room table, along with our two dozen Skylanders figures, the MEGA Bloks Skylanders Pirate Quest Ship & Dock, a pair of portals, and a sketch pad. While I finished building the MEGA Bloks Skylanders Arkeyan Copter, the Mouse play acted with handfuls of figures, including but not limited to: Stealth & Whisper Elf, Hot Head and his *son* Eruptor, a gaggle of MEGA Blok Chompies, and Noodles, who was desperately pleading his case to abandon the dark side for a shot at becoming a bona fide Skylander. In the middle of the noisy mayhem of the Mouse’s catalog of Skylander voices and me clanking bloks off the table and onto the hardwood floor, the Bear was quietly sketching each character, claiming they didn’t become a Skylander until they’d been drawn by her (Wrecking Ball got the Mouse treatment, on green construction paper.)

There was, I feel, a symbiotic relationship between our Skylandering activities, one that I could see holding some important importance further down the line for us, at an undisclosed future time & place, should our interests become more disparate than they are today.  In one person being artistic, one playful, and the other working his fine motor skills, I saw a glimpse of what it would be like for a father and his daughters to discover a thread that will stitch us together for longer, and allow us to enjoy each others company, even in the event we morph into radically different creatures (in a human interest way, not a Transformers way, although I’d make a bitchin’ tractor trailer.)  Here’s to hoping that both does and doesn’t ever happen.

Regardless of what shall be, our Wednesday evening of Skylanders, Played Three Ways gives me hope that a common bond of some form or fashion will never be uncommon between myself, the Bear, and the little blonde monster I call the Mouse, because a dad and his girls must always have something more to share than memories tapped into a photo album, and daddy blog entries on the internet.

*OWTK received the MEGA Bloks Skylanders toys for review consideration. The opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always. And this isn’t the last time you’ll read about them on OWTK — they are beyond fantastic!

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