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Rise of the Skylanders Mega Bloks Arkeyan Robot King

pop fizz

by Cooper McHatton

From the moment the first Skylanders game came into our house, we were hooked. And there really is nothing better than a great game jumping off the screen and into really playable, really awesome toys. The Skylanders Giants Mega Bloks Arkeyan Robot King is just that. Sure, Skylanders themselves are already *toys* that come alive on the screen, but Mega Bloks takes it so much further. Building, playing, imagining, and interacting adds many more hours of fun in the physical world (as the video game people would say)

As a whole, the Arkeyan Robot King Mega Bloks playset is terrific. The transformable Pop Fizz, Chompies, and the Arkeyan Robot King allow for a very balanced set with a ton of play value. And the design of the big red Robot King, the star of this set, the guy with his name on the marquee, is superb! The large scale, pose-able action figure, once built, proves incredibly sturdy and is certainly one of the coolest things to come out of the Mega Blok’s Skylanders line of construction toys thus far. We highly recommend it for the Skylanders fans in your life.

*OWTK received this toy for review consideration. The opinions above are honest and unbiased, as always.

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