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The Wisconsin toy & game company Patch Products (the folks behind the famous magnetic bearded fellow Wooly Willy and the dice game Farkle) have numerous impressive new products hitting toy store shelves in 2011. Here’s a look at those I found most interesting:

  • TALES TO PLAY – Yes this is a licensed product – something I usually run screaming away from (unless Lowly Worm is involved) – but these 3D-lite games are rooted in classic stories and old-fashion play.  Deals are in place with Where the Wild Things Are, The Little Engine That Could, Moose Goose, and The Berenstain Bears to kick off this exciting new line.  Each game will have a simple 3D component (no glasses required), such as a raised platform for the Wild Things and an actual mini-train track for The Little Engine.

  • 3D FLOOR PUZZLES – WAY cheaper than that fancy 3D HDTV and for your 2-4 year old, maybe just as fascinating.  46 big, odd shaped pieces form a 2′ x 3′ puzzle featuring either sea critters, lightening bugs or a midnight safari – along with a hidden alphabet (the whole A-Z) and numbers 1-10.  A pair of glasses bring the images and the letters & digits to life.  I tested this and not only does it work, it’s really really cool.  Your kids will love it!

  • TALL STACKER MIGHTY MONKEY PLAYSET – A new playset for the peg & pegboard Tall Stacker Monkeys is super fun with swings, slides and an elevator basket.  This is going to be a big hit with toddlers.

  • 100 WACKY THINGS GAME – When I saw this game, with it’s elephant nose and silly glasses, I said out loud: This is going to be freakin’ hilarious for families, mine especially. Laugh out loud funny activities that everyone from kids ages-2.5 up to grandparents can play and will enjoy.

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