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One Hundred Wacky Things

Anything that can induce as much genuine gut-laughter as the card & prop game 100 Wacky Things is destined to go down as nothing less than a legendary family activity.  The game is built around a series of sometimes and all the time mandated actions on cards that may at first, and in a vacuum, seem random and sedate but once employed in gameplay with kids and adults playing alongside each other — well, you’ll be crying laughing so damn hard.

The cards are the key to the success of 100 Wacky Things, although there is more in the box.  The four props included are flimsy and poor in quality, and not used all THAT much in the game.  Yes, they make the game pop on a shelf as the microphone, elephant trunk, and googly-eye glasses peer out from beneath the clear plastic covering on the lid, but the props quickly become marginalized once you and your kids realize how frustrating they are to use during the game. For neat-freaks like me, beware the feather boa and its crimson feathers which littered my carpet and bed where we played our first game.  I’m getting cold sweats just thinking again about all that scattered red.  Nevermind the props though, because 100 Wacky Things in concept is far stronger without them.

Within 20 minutes of playing we had this sequence of events happening every time it was my turn:

  • I’d stand up and walk around pretending to bounce a yo-yo (an all the time action).
  • The Bear would follow me around the room doing a hula dance (a sometimes action when someone else is walking around)
  • The Mrs. would then ask me “Are you lost?” (a sometimes action when someone stands up)
  • To which I would reply by pulling up my t-shirt to show her my belly button (a sometimes action when anyone speaks to me).

All of which would prompt us to nearly pee ourselves laughing — and this (plus even more) happened every time it was my turn!

The order of actions will change with every game meaning after you and your kids crack up playing the first time, your next go around will feature another set of bizarre tik-for-tack exchanges between players who are doing things all the time or some of the time.

I’m not even sure I am making this game make any damn sense, so just know this: you and your kids of all ages will absolutely go bonkers, get wacky even, for 100 Wacky Things.  And it is a bargain — like 50% OFF — right now on Amazon (see below):

*OWTK received a copy of 100 Whacky Things for review consideration. The opinions expressed above and honest and unbiased.

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