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WAPPY DOG (from Activision for NDS) @ NYC Toy Fair 2011

OWTK got a private sneak peek at Wappy Dog, a new Nintendo DS game from Activision that merges the handheld video game world with the interactive toy market. This cute dog, Wappy (of course your child is free to change that name), interacts with you as you play his game. He moans, gets antsy/excited/hungry/lonely, and expresses himself in song (for reals – I saw and heard Wappy bark a tune).

I’m no NDS expect nor am I always hip to the latest newfangled gizmo, but this Wappy Dog product (due in November 2011) looks destined to be a big hit with little gamers.  The Wappy Dog package will contain the dog (duh) along with the game and both can be played separately or together. Get this: if your child plays the game without the dog nearby, she can transfer all of the food served him, companion points earned while playing games, etc. to the dog at a later date.  I saw this happen and it’s really kinda brilliant.

This one is gonna be big peeps.  I’m not saying line up outside your local Best Buy right now.  I’m just sayin’.

*OWTK was not compensated in any way for this post.

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