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When it comes to games for younger children, Gamewright is one of my favorite companies.  They balance price point (many $12 and below), creativity, and speed of play darn near perfectly. Last year, I introduced you to Rory’s Story Cubes and Take the Cake from Gamewright.  This year, the nearly 20-year old Massachusetts-based company will win the hearts of American families with a trio of strategy-lite products that will challenge and crack-up children and adults alike.

  • FLIP OUT – a card game like no other I’ve seen. You play your six cards along with the back of your opponents six (which they cannot see, and you cannot see the reverse of your cards). Flip Out is a blend of a more strategic Go Fish and very low-stakes poker, and will teach color and pattern identification along with forward thinking. Meant for kids 8+ but younger tots can certainly have a go. Buy online here.

  • CITY SQUARE OFF – two game boards, matching Tetris-like pieces in two different colors, and a handful of starter cityscapes.  Then, one by one a game card is turned over and you build your city outward.  The 1st player to be forced outside the grid loses.  City Square Off is a simple, fun and mildly challenging game that kids of almost any age can play and will enjoy.

  • KNOCK YOUR BLOCKS OFF – a knock your socks off strategy building block game that incorporates a feature most every child will absolutely love: DESCTRUCTION!  Yes, a key part of game play is attempting to collapse your opponents castle via a number of methods (rolling the destructo-die, dropping it down from the sky, and more).  Knock Your Blocks Off (due in late-Spring) could be your kid’s favorite indoor game to play this summer.

*OWTK tested all three games at Toy Fair, but was not compensated in any way for this post.

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