The Inside Joke on Pretzel M&M’s

I saw the commercial for the new Pretzel M&M’s yesterday and found it rather humorous.  I hate ads, generally, but appreciate good marketing campaigns and a funny TV spot that kid’s can also enjoy.  I also love pretzels and chocolate together. So even though I think M&M’s are kinda crappy as far as chocolate goes, I’ll try ’em.

I just trotted into the grocery store for a graduation card and a crisp $20 cash back, and the dude in front of me in line had 15 bags of these new Pretzel M&M’s.  He must have liked the commercial too.  I was boxed in, or else I’d have picked up a bag myself once his pile reminded me of their existence.

Anyway, check out the fun commercial (safe for kids), then enjoy the dry, but pretty clever “inside jokes” segment.  The bits about the pretzel’s Twitter feed are fantastic.

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