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Terrible Gendered Advertising: “Yeah, I’ve Got One Like That Too”

Men would be chastised if we ever produced a line as divisive as “Yeah, I’ve Got One Like That Too” while discussing our better half, but when it comes to portraying a male in a television commercial, all bets are off. In this Discover Card It Card “Missed Payment / Puppy” TV commercial, one of those playful-so-it’s-okay-right?-anti-male ads, there’s a cute puppy who no one wants to see poop in the house, but it’s the female customer lead character who takes the crap and it lands all over her husband who, surprise!, screwed up. Seems he didn’t execute her precise instructions to pay the credit card bill and bring back milk from the grocery store, and she feels the need to toss him under the bus with offhanded comments to a complete stranger. Because women love when that shit happens to them in real life and on the screen.

You know what, screw ads like this. Instead, let’s get behind the companies who produce quality commercials showing the breadth of fatherhood emotions and the true bandwidth of men like Dove Men+Care and their tender “Calls for Dad” video and Cardstore with their hilarious “Dad Casting” spot.

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