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Fun Commercials for Kids

There’s a post title I never thought I’d use.  With few exceptions, I hate commercials and dislike TV.

We’ve been bombarded by ads watching the Olympics (thanks for sucking ALL the joy out of the Winter Games NBC, ‘preciate it) and suffer through many others watching sports together as a family.  Finding an alternate channel/program to switch to during commercial breaks is a must.  Sometimes this is just another sporting event, other times a nature program – but there has to be something to turn to when the next CSI rape scene teaser is splashed upon the screen.

All that said, I’m fascinated by the marketing world.  I believe there is some real art in there, it’s just hard to find it buried in all the shit.  A quick aside, I can’t wait for Art/Copy to find it’s way to Netflix.  Looks like a great documentary.

Most of the ads on TV these days are either sexist, employ a big fat does of gender bias, are scary for young eyes, or are just plain stupid.  But there are some commercials that are hilarious, well-made and perfect for kids (almost all of these quality ads are for cars…strange).

Usually, the best ones feature animals doing human and/or funny things.  A sock monkey never hurts either.  Consider these ads delightful 30-second kid’s movies.  A couple of the following have long since been retired, as for the newer ones – I don’t hesitate to let my girls watch.  Enjoy.

Jeep Liberty – Animals singing along to Andy Kim’s “Rock Me Gently”

Kia Sorrento (Super Bowl Ad) – A sock monkey, robot, teddy bear and Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba walk into a bar…

and another version…

Mitsubishi Lancer (Super Bowl Ad) – Loading the car from apartment window with the help of a trampoline

VW Punch Buggy (Super Bowl Ad) – an instant classic bringing back a classic game

Cadbury – Cadbury Bunny Tryouts

Blockbuster Video – Carl and Ray and a (non-computer) Mouse. Any kid that has used a computer and finds it funny that it’s called a “mouse” will enjoy this one.

Chocolate Lucky Charms – (note: OWTK is not responsible if your child wants to eat this crappy cereal)

Pepsi – A pair of “Forever Young” commercials using Dylan’s classic song with a great update from Wyclef Jean.  The 1st is the original ad with random Americana images of past and present, the 2nd is a baseball themed version with only Wyclef’s singing.

Notice the Phillies celebrating their World Series.  Ahh, that’ll never get old to watch.

What are your family’s favorite commercials?

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