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Nintendo Labo Sneak Peek from NY Toy Fair 2018

Yes, yes, of course we still have a 7 week wait but, but… it is March now. MARCH! And that means we can officially say that Nintendo Labo will arrive NEXT MONTH!! (April 20th to be specific)

This fact is worthy of the double exclamation point because Labo is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, touched, made, played with, and discovered. Ever.

Labo is, at the start, a pair of kits for the remarkable Nintendo Switch gaming system. With these two kits you will make, play and discover a series of things — pianos, robots, fishing rods, homes, motorbikes and more.

The fishing is incredible. The cat-sounds piano feature hilarious. The motorbiking mind-blowing.

The building of Labo is the beginning of the fun and the decorating/crafting is next if you wish to decoupage the Labo cardboard (you should indeed wish to do this). The Labo play, well, the playtime on Labo is the thing you will hear most about in the coming weeks and months, and rightfully so. Labo playtime is game-changing. Finally, there is a very real lifting open the hood to discover how Labo works (it is marvelous to witness) if you and/or your kids are so STEM inclined. That too is a wonder.

From start to finish, Nintendo Labo is going to take your breath away.

This is what you and your kids will find (NEXT MONTH!) with Nintendo Labo — the most innovative simple tech the wide world of gaming has ever known.

Here’s a little photographic taste of a 90-minute preview I was fortunate enough to receive during the NY Toy Fair last month.

*Pre-order the Labo Robot Kit and/or the Variety Kit now and have it when it arrives to much fanfare on April 20, 2018.

*Nintendo kindly paid for my travel and hotel to spend time in NYC making, playing and discovering Labo during the NY Toy Fair 2018.

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