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How To Cuff Your Lee Jeans Like A Bogle

Bogled Lee Jeans Photo Shoot

Behind the scenes of a family photo shoot, cuffed Lee Jeans and all.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, kids. The official guide to “Bogleling” your jeans is finally here so you can cuff your Lee Jeans like a champ in all kinds of weather, for all kinds of occasions.

What do you have coming up…Grammy Awards red carpet walk? Family Dinner at that sweet new restaurant?  A stroll around chilly Detroit in wintertime? Watching a game on your phone while on the plane (the high cuff makes a snazzy smartphone holder)? Snapping a photo with your sweetie on vacation? Catching a baseball game in the backyard of Lee Jeans in Kansas City? There’s a cuffing length for all occasions!

No matter what is on your social calendar you can and should wear your Lee Jeans and cuff them, but how high depends on the locale, the company and the situation. For wintertime, you wanna keep those legs as warm as possible while still looking sharp so go 1 or 2 rolls only. Yes, even in the snow.

In the spring time, take those Lee Jeans up a few more rolls to show off even more of your sexy calves.

In the summer, all bets are off as you can roll them 5-6 times up to just under your knee to get some color on your legs while still wearing the Lee Modern Series Jeans, the most comfy jeans I’ve ever had the privilege of pulling on…one leg at a time.

Here I am with my Lee Jeans cuffed up high at Mono Lake with my lady friend.
Bogles Lee Jeans at Mono Lake

Kicking it in the exit aisle with my Lee Jeans cuffed mid-calf.
Bogled Lee Jeans on the plane

Full on summer length in Kansas City watching a Royals game. Fun fact, Lee Jeans is headquartered in KC!
Bogled Lee Jeans KC Royals Game Home of Lee Jeans

Brrrr but the cold won’t stop the cuff. Two rolls up in Detroit!
Bogled Lee Jeans Detroit Snow Length Two Rolls

The grey Lee Modern Series Jeans cuffed a bit too high for the 30 degree temps in Detroit.
Bogled Lee Jeans Detroit in Winter

One of the benefits of Bogleling Lee Jeans is the natural pocket created for watching a game on your smartphone.
Bogled Lee Jeans Cuff pocket for phone

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