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What I Was Born To Do

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Little Jeffy MARCH OF DIMES ImBornTo

Who would’ve guessed that this adorable little boy would grow up to be a dad of daughters?

Ask me this question 30 years ago and I’d have said “I’m born to be a chef — to cook, plate up beautifully, and serve tasty food made from scratch.” As a 9-year-old pup, I longed to have my name embroidered onto a pristine white jacket and wear that tall ivory hat, but I was unwilling to climb the ladder, to start over a sink scrubbing pots and pans. In a roundabout way, I’ve now got that dream job at age 39, and thankfully have no need to wear the customary garb. There is, however, still the issue of those dishes.

Ask me this question 25 years ago and I’d say ‘right winger for the Detroit Red Wings’ but all that hard skating, eating right, tenacity, weight lifting, and supreme dedication were hurdles too high to jump. I tried those once, got a leg caught, and broke my right wrist in high school gym class. I was, therefore, destined to wear someone else’s name and number on my back.

Ask me this question 15 years ago and I’d have said that the music business was my calling, running my record label and providing for my bands in a way that was progressive and unheard of in an otherwise heartless industry. But a maxed out Discover card and the odd time signatures of niche math rock can take one only so far.

It took me a while to navigate my way here, but I now know that the real, current and forever after answer to the question “what I am born to do” turns out to be — after fallen souffles, thin ice and strange music — rather safe and quiet in contrast but requires no less effort. Being a dad to a pair of bright, curious and kind young ladies, and husband to a loving, supportive and hilarious redheaded woman, is what I was put here to do. I could never have guessed this would be my fate but I accept it with wide open arms. Being a dad of daughters is exactly how I want to play out the string, how I want to be remembered in the digital photo slideshows my wife will someday assemble and in loving blog posts my girls will one day write.

March of Dimes believes that every baby — even me 39 years ago! — is born to do something great and if you were born within the last 75 years, you are a March of Dimes babe. Founded by FDR to help eradicate polio, the March of Dimes has never stopped helping to ensure that each and every baby born in the United States has a shot at someday discovering and fulfilling their purpose. That’s what the March of Dimes was born to do.

March of Dimes ImBornTo

This father’s day, support select merchants like Blue Rhino, Bon Ton and KMart as they help raise money for the March of Dimes so that more and more newborn babies can grow up to do great things in the years ahead.

Hey, before you go away to read more Mad Men wrap up blog posts or grab that 4th cup of coffee today, check out my pals Nick Dawson at DadLabs and Trey Burley of DaddyMojo. They are on board with me and March of Dimes for this same campaign.

I’m proud to be a dad ambassador for the March of Dimes #ImBornTo campaign. Please share your story and/or your baby’s story on social media with the hashtag #ImBornTo.

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  1. I agree. Every kid deserves a chance at whatever they wasn’t to accomplish! When my son was born I realized that every kid deserves a shot at everything life has to offer!

  2. I’m cracking 40 in a few months and still trying to figure out what I was born to do. In the meantime I’m thrilled to be a husband and father, which is nothing to sneeze at.

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