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What I Hope To Be March of Dimes ImBornTo

We felt it before day one, on back to school night…or maybe it was meet the teacher night…either way: the Mouse’s 2nd grade teacher was destined to be the kind of educator name-dropped decades later, when Mouse is reflecting back on what first prompted her to [insert great accomplishment verb here] while accepting [insert prestigious award here] from the [insert legendary organization here].

Throughout the school year it became even more obvious that their relationship, one built on mutual respect between a passionate pair of animal loving idealists, between a young first year teacher and a hyper-inquisitive young girl, had all of those makings.

In an end-of-year email home from this wonderful teacher, it was crystal clear that she sees the potential too.

She is one of a kind, and I can not wait to see what an amazing person she will become!

I have a very good feeling that I’m going to be bragging that I was once her teacher! 😉

I can barely read those two sentences, the 38 word crescendo of a print-it-out-and-frame-it email, aloud without losing my shit. I can barely type through the tears welling up in me right now, because this is exactly how I feel as her dad; word for freaking word. I could wax poetic for days trying to articulate the same sentiment but I’d never say it as note-perfect as her teacher did in just 38 words.

I have a very good feeling that someday I’m going to be bragging about being Mouse’s father. Ok, not bragging, I’m not exactly the braggadocios type, but being her dad is what I want to be, what I would love to be known as, above and beyond any other accomplishment that could ever be attributed directly to me. Anyway, I have a very good feeling she and her sister will be my greatest accomplishment. Hell, I’m pretty sure that’s already true.

This is a sequel of sorts to What I Was Born To Do, my first post for March of Dimes. Please check out for ways you can support the March of Dimes while doing some last minute Father’s Day shopping from partners like KMart, Mudpie, Bon Ton, Blue Rhino and more.

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I’m proud to be a dad ambassador for the March of Dimes #ImBornTo campaign. Please share your story and/or your baby’s story on social media with the hashtag #ImBornTo.

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