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Thinking, Tinkering, and Trying At Camp Invention 2014

The chairs have been stacked, the floor swept clean, and the banners begrudgingly pulled down. It was a grand affair, but the curtain has closed on the 2014 camp season. I know this for certain because my Facebook feed has once again become a steady stream of back to school photos. I’m not complaining, I’m just sayin’.

Several months of thinking, tinkering and trying that spurred on new ideas in already curious minds will live forever as fond memories, inspired dreams, and additional grainy iPhone photos. From my unique vantage point, Camp Invention 2014 was, by all accounts, a massive success. I spent the better part of 3 days at the Camp Invention location my daughters gleefully attended and it was clear as crystal that the teachers loved being there, the kids never wanted to leave, and the inventors who came in to speak to the campers and observe their work, came away with a sense of genuine hope for the next generation of dreamers who’ll soon challenge the status quo and someday dare to prove to the world that this, that or the other thing can indeed be made or be made so much better.

We entered the 2014 camp season as newbies, a family who didn’t do proper camps but we quickly became a foursome excited about the potential for fun and personal growth incubated in the classrooms and cafeterias of Camp Invention. Both girls immediately asked if they can go back to Camp Invention again next summer. The Bear was especially eager to return, knowing that she will be able to attend Camp Invention next summer as an aid (this is open to kids going into 6th grade) taking part in the creative action while also helping to mentor the little ones, which is without a doubt her favorite pastime.

As investments in childhood and in your children go, there are few better values than Camp Invention. Your child will be engaged mentally and physically with creative and energetic activities that will inspire them to think big and nap hard. 😉

Keep Camp Invention on your radar as a weekly day camp option for your elementary school age kids. Next spring’s camp registration season will be here before you know it!

Garrett Brown, inventor of the Steadi-Cam and the inspiration for the famous Rocky run up the Philadelphia Art Museum steps scene, came to our camp and spoke to the older kids about inventing for yourself first, about finding something YOU want to have that doesn’t currently exist and trying to make it. Worst case, your life has been improved. Best case, you sell your invention and better the lives of many (and make a few bucks in the process). But regardless, you started from a pure place of creativity and thought and you will never waste time or energy when that is your starting point. Watch his presentation below.

*I am proud to be an official ambassador for Camp Invention this summer. I am being compensated for my time and my girls attended a week of camp this summer. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always.

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