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A Summer of Invention Is Waiting For Your Kids + A Camp Invention Giveaway

Camp-Invention-2014 Photo Gallery

The Bear with her pinball machine made at Camp Invention 2014

It’s awfully difficult to project the long-term impact of this or that when they’re 7, 8 and 10.

A museum exhibit or a day at the zoo. A mid-week baseball game or a weekend ballet recital. We just don’t know what will come of what.

As a strident believer in the importance of tiny moments and a motivated investor in the unknown potential of each of them, I wait with bated breath for my girls to become fully-grown so that I might trace their traits, habits, skills, hobbies, and possibly their career choices to that one rainy April 2012 afternoon running around Park Guell in Barcelona or to that week last summer when they bellied up to a buffet of engineering, technology, and innovation at Camp Invention.

Both of my daughters, but the mad scientist Mouse especially, were clamoring for news of a return visit to the very real summer camp of their dreams, but when we learned that last year’s location, the one closest to our home, would not return as a Camp Invention site, Mouse was super bummed and begged me to find another spot, some other school that will become home to a Camp Invention summer camp in 2015. I did and she went bananas. I always say she’s more monkey than mouse.

Camp Invention Take Apart

The Mouse taking apart an old remote control toy at Camp Invention 2014.

Catch up on our 2014 Camp Invention experience here, here and here.

I’m happily back on board as a Camp Invention ambassador for this summer so once again I’ll be reporting live from camp this June as my girls go further into the land of innovation and creative-thinking. And, drum roll please, I once again have a Camp Invention registration to give away to one lucky reader!

As you plan out your summer, please consider a week of Camp Invention for your kid(s). We can personally vouch for how brilliant the activities, builds, inventions, and the fun was and will be again this year, and who knows, something they do at Camp Invention as a 7, 8 or 10 year old might just inform their future self. Sign up before May 12th to take $15 off each registration when you use the code: SPRING. Got more than one camper? Cool, because siblings always get a discount ($25 off each or $50 off per child when registering 3 or more siblings).

Find your closest Camp Invention location now and get them registered!

Camp Invention added something new to their offerings for 2015, their 25th year of bringing STEM learning fun to kids!!, specifically for middle school-age kids. Check out Project Invention, a unique program for kids entering grades 6, 7, and 8 that will walk them through the entire invention process: researching, pitching, and getting investors, and then working with circuitry, bioengineering, economics, minibot programming and a ton more. It promises to be a special time for older children ready to take on more of a challenge and learn the nuts & bolts of inventing.


Enter to win one (1) child’s camp registration for 2015 Camp Invention / Project Invention. One (1) winner will chosen on Friday, May 1st and will be asked to pick their desired camp location and dates from the list of available 2015 Camp Invention sites. Please check that list to make sure there is a location nearby before entering the giveaway. Thanks and good luck!

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