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Live From Camp Invention 2015!

OWTK Live from Camp Invention 2015 Photo

By the end of day one, they were The Trio.

Eight hours prior, they’d never met and now they had a moniker. A start-up worth investing in. A pinky promise.

This is the power of summer camp, of shared experiences. This is the promise of curious minds melding together over Take Apart items and screwdrivers, working with rolled up magazines and masking tape, building shields from scrap and doing battle side by side.

This is the power and the beauty of Camp Invention.

Live from 2015 Camp Invention Inducted Module

The Bear, with a nametag showing her camp ‘code name’, learns how to build a tall structure with nothing but paper and masking tape. Architecture, FTW.

When I visited on Wednesday morning, my girls were just about 1/2 way through their 2nd consecutive summer in which Camp Invention played a vital role in keeping them active mentally and physically.

They were stoked to return for more deconstruction and building, for more thinking and tinkering, but this year would be different than last. This time around, they’d be flying blind, with no buddies from their grade school class enrolled in the farther-away camp location we had to chose because of our summer vacation plans. For my girls, this proved intimidating and slightly dampened their excitement on the morning of day one. That hesitation lasted about 90 minutes, as the story goes.

The Trio was about to be born.

Live from 2015 Camp Invention Inventors Supply Room

Also different this year is the accumulation of points, earned by trying hard and performing well in group activities, to be spent in the Inventor Supply Room Store, to get new parts for their Karts, shields, and cardboard vending machines. The kids in Camp Invention are tasked with keeping track of their points bank and making wise spending decisions in the store. More subtle life lessons being taught and absorbed, another brilliant piece of the Camp Invention puzzle!

Forget the summer slide, Camp Invention sends kids back to school more advanced than when the final bell rang out. And it’s not too late to enroll! Find a Camp Invention location near you for weeks in July and August.

Live from 2015 Camp Invention

The Bear reviews her point balance before heading into the Inventor Supply Room Store for more gear.

Live from 2015 Camp Invention

Live from 2015 Camp Invention Tower Construction

Live from 2015 Camp Invention Water Shield

Shield up, Mouse! SHIELD UP!

Live from 2015 Camp Invention

Live from 2015 Camp Invention KartWheel

The Trio got a mention from the Bear in her Everyday Moments Story Project I featured on PBS Parents today but they will leave camp at the end of this week and maybe the super group of inventors will be disbanded for good, a brilliant flash in a pan — although being of the age of cellphones makes it more plausible that they stay connected — but what they will have shared will be small-but-not-insignificant indelible marks on their childhoods, all thanks to the community atmosphere of Camp Invention. We couldn’t be happier to have our girls spending a week every summer being inventors and making bright, curious, like-minded friends.

*OWTK is a blog ambassador for Camp Invention. Financial compensation is being provided for my series of camp stories and my daughters received complimentary registration for a week of Camp Invention. All opinions express above are unbiased and honest, as always. We adore Camp Invention.

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