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Camp Invention 2015

There is a place of learning where no one is teaching to a test, a place where #2 pencils are not needed to shade tiny standardized circles, a place where kids are encouraged to challenge their preconceived notions about what is possible. This place, in actuality, is hundreds of places scattered all over the country. This place is each and every Camp Invention location.

Camp Invention is a week long summer camp like no other, a glorious place for kids to grow and learn and smile and run and be kids in the truest sense. This is a place that was invented many summers ago to spread the love and possibility of a STEM education (long before it became en vogue) to American children and for the past two summers my girls have had the good fortune of being in that place.

Camp Invention 2015

This is a camp that gives kids everything; the thinking AND the doing, the physical AND the mental, the fanciful and the actual. As a dad who tries to give his kids the best possible experiences and opportunities, it’s a beautiful situation to send children away each morning and to bring them home 8 hours later with fresh possibilities swirling about their bright, curious minds. This is the best summer camp outcome imaginable.

Camp Invention is a lighthouse offering far more than just safety from the jagged coast in an otherwise dire American scholastic seascape.

Camp Invention 2015

I know that summer is now in our rearview mirrors but I want you to put a pin in the Camp Invention idea for 2016. I think your kids will love it. All of it. Just as my two kids do and have done.

As the calendar flips, I’ll likely be sharing news and discount codes and maybe even hosting another Camp Invention giveaway for next summer, because I’ve seen the greatness of the camp firsthand. I’ve not only sent my girls there but two summers in a row but I’ve been on hand to take some photos, sit in on the construction, and witness the fun & excitement. I’ve seen the glint of hope in the eyes of young children who will one day change the world. I only wish I was a kid again so that I could be instilled with the kind of limitless potential on offer at Camp Invention each and every summer.

Camp Invention 2015

*OWTK was a 2015 Camp Invention blog ambassador. I received compensation and free camp for my kids. All opinions expressed above are unbiased and honest, as always.

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