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I remember the moment, earlier this Spring, when I first told the Mrs. about Camp Invention and the exact types of projects on offer at the camp location most convenient for us. She said something along the lines of “there’s no way the girls will want to go.” Her negatively wasn’t unjustified. Our two daughters are homebodies who historically are not agreeable to the concept of participation in adult-led, structured activities, and when they do relent, it tends to not last long. See: gymnastics, dance, karate, soccer. Oh god, the free trail karate lesson. A story for another day.

But what my wife didn’t know was that I’d already mentioned Camp Invention to our girls and they were out of their brilliant little minds excited about it. Here’s why, the curriculum at our location is the Morphed! Program (one of four Camp Invention Summer 2014 programs) which involves the following activities sure to invent the best summer ever:

Camp Invention 2014 Morphen Program Details

I mean, seriously, how AMAZING does all that sound?

Tinkering with circuits!

Insect-themed pinball machine!

Super Go Road Rally!

Invent bionic gadgets!

Aaaaaaaaah, I’m so excited! A child would have to be certifiably bonkers to prefer staying home to a week of Camp Invention. B-O-N-K-E-R-S!

Heck, I want to go to Camp Invention myself…think I can pass for a 6th grader? Ummm…

Camp Invention Project and Kids

Registration isn’t expensive at all. In fact, I think you’ll find the cost of Camp Invention to be on par with or lower than other weekly summer day camps in your area (especially when you use code SPRING to save $15 per child or register 3 or more siblings and save $50 per child!). But why pay when you can win!

Here’s your chance to win a Camp Invention registration for your kiddo. Remember, this is a weekly nationwide camp happening all summer long. Before you enter the giveaway below, make sure you 1) have an interested child entering grades 1-5, and 2) have a camp nearby (click here and search by zip code).

All set? Then enter this giveaway for one (1) child’s summer 2014 registration for Camp Invention. That’s a value of over $200! Good luck!

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*I am proud to be an official ambassador for Camp Invention this summer. I am being compensated for my time and my girls will be attending a week of camp this summer. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always.

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  1. My favorite summer camp memory is finding huge banana slugs in the woods and being totally grossed out.

  2. This definitely looks cool. If there’s one near us, I can think of 10 or 20 kids I know who’d love it!

  3. I never went to camp but my kids do every year. They love it so much that they beg that I send them.

  4. Super excited to register the boys!

  5. I went to a super religious summer camp, so it wasn’t too fun, lol. But I DO remember camping with girl scouts and THAT was a blast. The singing and activities and weird creepy latrine at night. <3

  6. Camp Inventions is so full of win! My son has been 2 summers now and loved it!

  7. April Brenay says:

    I went to over night music camp, it was so fan I loved the lake with the canoes

  8. My favorite memories of summer camp was making up skits. We always had a blast!

  9. My favorite camp memory is singing around a campfire, exhausted and dirty, but so much fun!

  10. Heather Altvater says:

    This would be the first all day camp for my son, but sounds like something he’d love!

  11. My favorite experience was going to Blue Lake Fine Arts camp… I still remember the final performance that we did at the end of the two weeks. It was a great experience!

  12. I think the only camps I went to were sleep away girl scout camps where I got to do things like learn camping and boating skills in the Sierras. One time my roommate was a girl who had been an Annie on Broadway. I thought that was soo cool. When I got to highschool, I became a camp counselor for our local city day camps. I worked there for 4 summers. It was great being a young adult and getting to play with kids all day. I loved that job.

  13. This camp sounds awesome! Our boys have never shown an interest in camp until they heard they could make their own pinball machines.

  14. Sarah Hirsch says:

    my favorite camp memory was swimming in the pool

  15. Sarah K. says:

    I loved going to Girl Scout horse camp. My favorite!

  16. My favorite memory is going to church camp and being ably to spend the whole week with my friends.

  17. Really hoping for a “scholarship”…we’re strapped but my 9 year old girl is a budding scientist!

  18. Tracy Jones says:

    I never went to camp myself, but my daughter would absolutely love this.

  19. Tammie Venne says:

    roasting marshmallows

  20. Jessica Ruggiero says:

    Making our own chocolates!

  21. Sarah Jewel says:

    You know, I never got to go to summer camp, but I did do elective summer school and I loved it! It really amplified my love of reading and kept me occupied in a great healthy way.

  22. Raina Hood says:

    It was always a church youth camp for me.

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