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Goodnight Darth Vader Book & Pin Set Giveaway

Goodnight Darth Vader Book Giveaway

I’m fully prepared to kiss goodbye to a fair portion of the tiny bit of street cred I have when I tell you that I have no idea who more than half of the characters are inside this sweet new bedtime Star Wars book from Jeffrey Brown and Chronicle Books. Nice to make your acquaintance, Jocasta, General Grievous, Ahsoka, Sebula and Sarlacc.

I’ve still ONLY seen the first three Star Wars movies from when I was a kid, so that’s episode 4-6 from what I understand. Yes, I did just say “from what I understand” when referring to the order and existence of movies in the Star Wars franchise. I also just quoted myself from the sentence prior, which, frankly, is far more egregious a sin. The newer trilogy of movies didn’t appeal to me at the time they were released, they looked too, I dunno, shiny, so I skipped ’em. Most people who discover this fun fact about me say I didn’t miss too much, something about Jar Jar Binks (?), but if I had those viewing notches in my screen time belt, this hilarious-none-the-less Goodnight Darth Vader book would be THAT MUCH more enjoyable. Still, there are wookies, baby ewoks, a pint-size Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia as toddlers, and a self-referential Darth Vader…oh and the droids and stormtroopers I know and love too. See, I’m hip, dammit!

Goodnight Darth Vader celebrates what unites us all — good and evil, lean and slobbish (I’m looking at you Jabba), human and droid, jedi master and monster — the need to rest at the end of a long day fighting baddies or trying to destroy tiny planets. There’s a hint of Muppet Babies here, which is delightful, and plenty of callbacks to moments in the Star Wars films, meaning you and your little jedi knights will quickly make reading this book together a bedtime ritual.

Enter this giveaway you will

Want a copy of Goodnight Darth Vader to read to your lil’ wookies, droids and ewoks (or tiny Stormtroopers in your own personal Death Star, should you lean to the dark side)? Plus a rad Luke and Leia pin set?? Here’s your chance! Chronicle Books is letting me give three (3) copies of Goodnight Darth Vader away to three lucky OWTK readers, each of whom will also receive the raddest toddler Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia pin set ever! To enter, simply follow the instructions below. They are beyond simple. It all starts with leaving a comment telling me your favorite Star Wars character. And then there are two more ways to score bonus entries. Simple this is.

I’ll pick three winners at random in a week’s time. May the force be forever in your favor. Oh crap, I’m mixing movie franchises again.

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*Chronicle Books advertising on OWTK and is sponsoring the October episode of the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast. They are also compensating me for this post. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always — I truly haven’t seen the 2nd batch of Star Wars movies.

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