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$1000 Father's Day Giveaway

Holy cow! This is the biggest and best giveaway bundle in the history of OWTK. Valued at nearly $1000, this ultimate Father’s Day giveaway package is going to blow one lucky dad’s mind this month. I’ve tried to include something for every type of dad — tech, books, fashion and fun.

The Ultimate Father’s Day Giveaway!

Here’s what one fortunate fella is set to receive:

  • Oakley Gascan Matte Grey sunglasses
  • $100 Brooks Brothers gift card
  • Brooks Brothers necktie inspired by a St. Jude child’s artwork
  • Slingbox 500
  • JBL GO portable Bluetooth speaker
  • Signed copy of Jimmy Fallon’s book YOUR BABY’S FIRST WORD WILL BE DADA
  • Doyin Richards’ new book I WONDER
  • A selfie stick
  • PBS ceramic mug
  • True Dude padded laptop/messenger bag

I mean, seriously. This Father’s Day giveaway is off the hook. Please enter for your chance to win ALL OF THIS AMAZING STUFF!

$1000 Father's Day Giveaway

*Sorry Canada, this giveaway is for U.S. folks only.

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  1. Great giveaway, Jeff. My dad is the coolest of the cool, at 83. My husband isn’t so bad in the Dad department either!

  2. My dad has been a great sounding board for me as I navigate some really big changes in my life. He was always the logical one, so it helps to talk through all the options with him, when I’m struggling with the tough decisions.

  3. Fathers get the best gifts. Power tools and coffee cups and electronics make my day. I come by it honestly though. My dad likes the power tools as well, many a happy hour spent wielding power with him through the years.

  4. This is an awesome prize package. I hope no one else enters so I can win;)

  5. How can I not enter to win this fun prize pack!

    Hope you and the family are well.

  6. Joseph Greenstein says:

    Thanks to technology and social media, there are lots of great dads in my life. So many great ideas and lessons learned about all that is good about being an involved dad (especially those dads of girls, hint hint Jeff, like myself).

  7. Dork Dad says:

    Jeff Bogel for president

  8. My husband is a great dad. I didn’t have a father in my life when I was growing up so watching him interact with our son and daughter is an experience for me, too. I see how important a dad’s role is in a child’s life. It makes me so happy for my kids. And it makes a bit sad sometimes, too. I missed a lot as a child.

  9. I want to win a new slingbox… and the signed dada book well cause I’m the original DaDa 😉 and well the sunglasses would be dope. yah actually the whole prize pack is awesome!

  10. Always enjoy your pieces and photography, keep it up.

  11. Looks pretty sweet, Jeff!

  12. My dad did the very best he could. He had seen horrors that I couldn’t imagine. I wish I would have enjoyed him and his corny jokes far more than I did while he was still around.

  13. My husband is an amazing stay at home dad, who has two children who just adore him

  14. My dad is amazing. He worked so hard throughout his life and still does today. On top of this he also was able to balance being a dad into all of it too!

  15. I never thought it would happen, but my dad changed completely from the vicious man of my childhood to one of the kindest, generous people I know

  16. Allie Wesson says:

    Not sure if this is how to enter, but I think my husband is the BEST father of all time. He’s patient, loving, fun, encouraging, and has recently been embracing his “dad jokes.” He’s always coming up with new ways to help our kids conquer their fears. Hence, the “professional dad” part. Loving the pictures, Jeff!

  17. You had me at Oakley! My dad introduced me to camping and now it’s one of my favorite things to do.

  18. Michael Kaufman says:

    My dad needs the slingbox… mostly because his VCR (yes, he still has one) still blinks 12:00… 12:00… 12:00… 12:00… 12:00… 12:00… 12:00… 12:00… 12:00… 12:00…

  19. I love that there is a diaper bag designed specifically for dads as there SO OBVIOUSLY SHOULD BE!!! John needs to win this or I need to win it for him. He works a full time job, is still a badass full time dad as well as an awesome full time artist, musician, family band manager and promoter. He burns the candle at both ends for us and more than deserves top Father’s Day recognition, though he rarely gets it as Father’s Day falls very close to his birthday + our anniversary and the funds tend to run short. Anyway, I love that guy. <3

  20. Just give it to me. You know you want to.

  21. I need a new set of Oakleys and Brooks Brothers GC! #HappyFathersDay

  22. My dad taught me the value of critical thinking, and to love learning.

  23. Ariel Isenberg says:

    Looks like a great set up for a day at the beach or a day at home!

  24. Eze Hajnal says:

    my dad is the most energetic and enthusiastic person I know. When he gets involved in something he does with great passion. Since the last 10 years he has become sick with a complicated lung problem which has reduced his energy and capacity to be so active outdoors, but still he remains strong willed and with high spirits.

  25. What an awesome giveaway! Almost as cool as seeing all your fun cruise photos.

  26. Short pants, tall heart. You’re a great dad, Jeff.

  27. Tammy Horn says:

    My Dad is 85 years old, and is very independent, very tech savvy, and still physically and mentally going strong. He’s also always there for us.

  28. I learned to be a great Dad from my Dad, of course! Where else would I learn to be equal parts MacGyver, Kirby Puckett and Superman?!?

  29. Margaret Smith says:

    My Dad is such a great role model. He’s always been a giving and generous person to most everyone he meets. He’s always lending a hand or any help when someone is in need. I’m so proud to have him as my father.

  30. Pops had his faults but we are good now.

  31. I love my dad. Hes pretty great.

  32. My dad has been very supportive during my time having been in a very abusive relationship. He was always supportive, loving, caring and totally badass! He helped me finally leave my ex . And not only is he an awesome father, but a wonderful grandpa to my two kids

  33. My dad taught me to value what kids say and not to shuffle it aside. He taught me to LISTEN. A lesson I try to use every day with my kids. I’m so very lucky to have him as my father.

  34. Great group of prizes perfect for any dad. Thanks OWTK!

  35. My husband is an awesome father who takes bicycle rides with our daughter and does all the laundry!

  36. Greg Citro says:

    After very nearly losing my dad this time last year, I am extraordinarily thankful for him everyday, and especially on Father’s Day!

  37. My dad was the most thoughtful man I’ve ever met.

  38. Dads are cool. Mine too.

  39. Best guy ever.

  40. Megan Citro says:

    Jeff – this is amazing! My dad is one of the most adventurous people I know!

  41. Ann Fantom says:

    I admire my dad because he is so selfless. He puts everyone ahead of himself.

  42. My wife and I have our first born due in the next 10-12 days. I’m looking forward to an afternoon with three generations sitting together soon! Lots to teach this young child from me and grandpa!

  43. Katherine Riley says:

    My husband is the best dad, we have 4 great sons because of it!

  44. My husband is great at spending time with our kids.

  45. Lavonne Yates says:

    My husband stepped up when he didnt have too. He adopted my middle son and we have a daughter together. He does so much and askes for so little! I would love to win this for a great father!

  46. My hubby @OhSillyDaddy is the best dad in the world! And we all know that Great Dads are HOT!

  47. My dad was awesome the last few years he was on this earth. I will always remember BBQing turkey together during our last Thanksgiving!

  48. Steph ANDERSON says:

    My dad isn’t top on my list, but my husband and father-in-law are 2 of the most amazing, loving dads I know. I’m lucky to have them in my life!

  49. laurie damrose says:

    My dad can do anything with patience ,expertly.He is also a people magnet.

  50. Lisa Pederson says:

    My dad is the strong, silent type. Always supportive no matter what, and we did a lot! Lol He’s fighting a losing battle for his health right now and has the absolute best attitude he’s ever had. He enjoys every single day he gets with his kids, grandkids and great grandkids!

  51. Chris channer says:

    Wow what a Father’s Day Giveaway! So sick!

  52. The dad in my life is my husband. He is an amazing dad to our 4 kids. He has been there for them all growing up, he is a hard worker and has a no quit attitude.

  53. My husband is the Dad in my life. He is amazing. He teaches are kids all about life and boosts their egos up. He amazes me how good he is with the kids. My kids were blessed with such a loving father

  54. Thomas Silvera says:

    For about a year now, I wake up at 5:30 am to help my wife get ready for her day (she leaves before I do ) I bathe my kids, feed them their breakfast and dress them for school. All this while I’m trying to get myself ready. Once I drop them off to school, I begin my day with 7-8 hr days of classes or clinicals. When im done with my day classes etc I get head out to pick my kids up from their school. I bring them home, make dinner and spend time with them and off to bed they go but, before I end my night I’m studying until 2 or 3am. Some people tell me wow you’re doing great! You’re an awesome dad. Some say super dad but at times this is the hardest thing I’ve every done in my life. I’ll say to myself that I can’t do this anymore and want to just give up!! not on my kids or family but on my college and career goals. It’s hard managing family, finances,school and every day life. I don’t know how many of you do it. I give my respect to those who do it each day and the mothers who do this daily. I get so drained and I am very tired more more more. Then I’ll remember something, even through all this I have god by my side, my family by my side and when I wake up each day and say to myself to just give up!?… I don’t because I can’t fail my god, my family or myself. I push and push each day to succeed I am accomplishing that. Through Christ all things are possible. For anyone who thinks it’s impossible just remember when you have faith you can do it. Don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way even if it’s you standing in the way.

  55. My Dad is a great guy who loves to spend time with his grandchildren and teaches them about the outdoors and gardening.

  56. Steve Weber says:

    My dad is the hardest working man.He knows how to have a good time, enjoy life, laugh, and still have time for his 5 grandkids.

  57. My husband is the most amazing father to our children. He works full time and goes to school full time. He still finds the time to spend with us and play with his kids.

  58. doug gerard says:

    my dad plays the guitar and he’s good at it!

  59. Sara Miller says:

    I know that this would be the best gift for my kids to give to their dad! He is a hard working man who does everything he can for his family and with 4 kids ranging from 18 to 5 you can imagine a few of the well earned grey hairs

  60. My dad has dealt with a lot of hardship, including being widowed and being a single parent to two teenagers.

  61. My dad is not my real dad but he sure does everything like the real thing! He’s amazing and took me in, when I had nowhere to go. I owe him more than you could imagine!

  62. My dad knows a lot about everything and is always teaching me new things.

  63. My dad faithfully went to work everyday to provide for us. He made good choices and cared for his family.

  64. Nicole Anne says:

    Not to toot my own horn but toot toot my dad is the best dad- seriously though. I don’t know who I would be without him as a role model growing up- he not only showed me that life is better when you’re positive and making others happy but he also taught me the value of a dollar and nothing comes easy. I’m not rich but I told him what I can promise him is that I will never put him (or mom) in an old folks home 🙂

  65. Maria C. says:

    My loving Husband is the Most Amazing Dad for me. Who loves & takes care of his family & serving for his country. I could not ask for more.

  66. Crystal F says:

    My husband is an amazing father. He works many jobs to provide for our family. He is always there for our girls. He never misses a big moment and even coaches my daughter’s travel softball team. He wants the absolute best for our girls and works very hard to make it happen. Thank you!

  67. Great giveaway, a lucky guy will when all this great stuff

  68. Liz Blake says:

    My dad was generous, giving, funny, and the best story teller of all time!

  69. My dad is the funniest guy that you will ever meet.

  70. My Dad is still the one that I go to for advice

  71. My father is n amazingly dedicated fisherman.

  72. Tyneisha says:

    My hubby is an amazing dad to our 3 kids! His patience and love for them always makes me smile and reminds me why I fell in love with him!

  73. My dad worked 60+ hours a week and would come home and still find time to help his four children with homework or build a rabbit cage or play a board game with us. I know he must have been exhausted but he made sure he was there whenever he possibly could be. He would leave work during his lunch/dinner breaks to catch our games or plays or concerts and then head back to work. He’s amazing.

  74. If I win I’ll share some of the prizes with my dad. He deserves it all and more. Still teaching me to this the day.

  75. That is some great father’s day awesomeness!!

  76. My dad indulged me in almost everything I did, just letting me live my life the way I saw fit.

  77. Awesome giveaway! My dad and I definitely have a one of those “Better now that I’m older” relationships. One of us got smarter as I got older; pretty sure I know who it was.

  78. Awesome giveaway. I would love to give this to my husband. He’s the best dad ever!

  79. Lesley F says:

    My dad taught me to never be afraid and enjoy life

  80. vivian s says:

    My dad is amazing…he taught me that I can overcome anything! My husband is a great daddy to my kids and they adore him as much as I adored my daddy growing up 🙂

  81. My husband is a wonderful father to our children, I am blessed as they are to have a wonderful loving father.

  82. Jillian Too says:

    My dad is amazing because he’s been a quiet strength in our family. He is always there for us and it’s always worth listening to what he says.

  83. My husband deserves this! My dad is amazing too, but he wouldn’t know what to do with the selfie stick or Bluetooth speaker 🙂

  84. timothy l says:

    my mother was the mom and dad when I was growing up and she made me the man I am today.

  85. Nice collection here!
    I lost my dad before I had kids. My kids brought father’s day back for me.

  86. Jim Parker says:

    My dad taught me to be technical ands troubleshooter

  87. Rajee Pandi says:

    My dad taught me to help others

  88. Rebecca B says:

    My husband and I just found out we were pregnant for the first time, right in time for Father’s Day! He’s going to be a great dad!

  89. I’m apparently tragically unhip, as I had to look up what a Slingbox is …

  90. Laura Grace Andry says:

    My husband is amazing. He is an outstanding dad to our three children. He is kind, generous, and patient. I could not ask for a better partner.

  91. natasha Lamoreux says:

    My husband is the best dad I could ever ask for for my children. I look forward to Fathers day to celebrate him.

  92. My dad worked insane hours on the road trying to provide for his family. It cost him in relationships with his kids. I recognize all he’s done and my life has been so much better for it.

  93. Oooh, Slingbox.

    Rad collection, Jeff.

  94. The most amazing dad in my life is ME because I only pretend to hate my kids!


  95. Wow…epic giveaway indeed!

  96. My father-in-law is the best! He loves going boating and taking us with him! I respect him and the way he raised his son (my awesome hubby)! He taught him to be a true gentleman and man of honor.

  97. My uncle was more like a dad to me than my biological father. He was truly the kindest and most selfless person I have ever known. I miss him every single day.

  98. amber cheras says:

    My dad has been through so much and made a few bad decisions along the way but he managed to turn his life around for the better and he loves me unconditionally no matter what and is always there to support me love him so much don’t know what I would do without him.

  99. My dad has always been someone I can talk to.

  100. My husband is the best dad ever to our 5 year old twins. He is the greatest playmate they have! He makes sure to make time for play everyday!

  101. My honey is a great grandfather~as my Dad is gone.

  102. Anna Pry says:

    He’s a fun guy, he always is the one to get goofy with the kids and they love it

  103. Oh hell yes! To win this amazing stuff for my husband on his first Father’s Day would be quite glorious. He certainly deserves some prezzies to show him my appreciation for being such a hands on daddy.

  104. Ashley Simmons says:

    My dad is amazing because he shows me on a daily basis what it looks like to serve others.

  105. My dad is the best dad! He’s had an extremely hard life, but he still can joke and laugh. He’s a musician and loves to play his piano and flute for everyone.

  106. joe gersch says:

    My dad taught me how to fix things around my home and showed me much love

  107. katherine says:

    I wish I could but my Dad was killed when I was 2 almost three but I have a Heavenly Father

  108. This looks like a great father’s day package, thanks!

  109. My father has the kindest heart and always puts others before himself. He’s truly the best!

  110. My dad was my Boy Scout leader when I was growing up but at the time I really didn’t have any idea that some of the other scouts actually thought of my dad as kind of an adopted father since they didn’t have a father in their life at all and he had a positive influence on many of them.

  111. My husband is the most AMAZING father! He always has time for our daughter, no matter how busy he is. He is building an amazing relationship with her that she is sure to cherish her whole life.

  112. Susan C. says:

    My father in law is caring and loving, and has taught his grandson all the wonderful, old school qualities that a young man today should know.

  113. My dad has always been there for us kids. He worked very hard long hours while we grew up, but was always there for us doing little special things that made such beautiful memories!

  114. carol clark says:

    my dad works hard at making ends meet and never takes a break i worry with him at times but thats him and thats why im always helping him

  115. Pam shepherd says:


  116. All of my brothers are now dads and it’s awesome to see how much they are like my own dad and how he raised us as men.

  117. Jasmine Cervantes says:

    My dad is one of the most important people in my life, I’m pretty sure my creativity came from him. We always love watching discovery channel together.

  118. The husband of all husbands, Morty is the best listener I’ve ever known – more importantly that he listens to our son than to me. He helped me raise our son to be a good person, and that’s all I could ever ask for.

    Also, my own father – he wasn’t perfect, but he taught me many valuable lessons in life that served me well.

  119. Michelle Simons says:

    Dad can BBQ the BEST ribs and chicken around. In fact he needs his own BBQ stand somewhere.

  120. Amanda S. says:

    My husband is the “dad” in my life, that is, the dad to our daughters. He is a wonderful father, always showing our girls how much he loves them and works to build their confidence every day. It is a gift to watch their relationship grow.

  121. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    My Dad Raised For Children All My Him Self, He Was A Single Dad. And He Was The Best!

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  123. I will be honest this is for me. Not that I don’t love the pictures my kids usually draw for fathers day. But this package is awsome.

  124. My husband is a great daddy. I love that he is here for our kids so much and is so active in everything that they do. He is a great role model for them.

  125. Daniela Adams says:

    Since the kids and me will be visiting family in Germany on father’s Day, this would be an awesome gift for him!

  126. Christopher Sorel says:

    when my dad was in 100% he cared and helped but health got in the way. I try to be healthy wnd there for mine

  127. My husband is a great dad to our kids. I would love to gift this to him! 🙂

  128. Jonathan says:

    To this day, I appreciate how my father allowed me to make my own choices and supported my efforts as I grew up to be the man I am today.

  129. Melissa Hoffman says:

    He’s a firefighter

  130. joe stimac says:

    hes a master griller

  131. karen spicer says:

    My son in law can fix anything and spends all his free time with his two boys and wife. he’s awesome

  132. Bridgett Wilbur says:

    My dad is just the most amazing dad ever. He always puts us kids first and goes out of his way for his family.

  133. Matt Smeltzer says:

    My dad showed me the value of quiet.

  134. Tanya Riley says:

    Thanks for the chance. My dad always knows how to make me laugh

  135. Kobi Hensley says:

    My dad always gave me unconditional support no matter what I chose to do. I left an abusive marriage and he was always there to help me with my twins.

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  137. Both my dad and husband can fix anything broken. So always on tools and finds something to get fix.. lol

  138. Kerry Simpson says:

    My husband will drop everything to take care of kids.

  139. Joshua Johnson says:

    My dad has three Masters: Masters in Counseling, Masters in Divinity, and Masters in Computer Science.

  140. Though he wasn’t an active part of our lives because of a divorce I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know him again now as an adult. It’s great to see the scars of the wounds left by my parents divorce slowly healing over for both of us and I love seeing how much he desires to invest in our children.

  141. Stephanie Larison says:

    My dad has always been the funniest person I’ve ever know. He’s always cracking jokes, and I love the sarcastic humor we share.

  142. brian hoffman says:

    he’s a police officer. enough said

  143. Gala Spanogians says:

    fingers crossed 🙂

  144. My dad is a retired art teacher, so growing up our house was always filled with art supplies. It was a wonderfully creative environment to grow up in and he always encouraged our creativity. He is a giving, caring, genuine person and I am very lucky to have such a wonderful father.

  145. Kaila Pederson says:

    My husband is a new dad, he never had a dad himself but that didn’t stop him from being an amazing dad and best frind to our baby. He is the first one to jump up to change a diaper or to help color SpongeBob.

  146. Melissa D says:

    My dad taught me that the secret to a happy life is being able to find humor in every possible situation. He is still laughing and so am I!

  147. Carol Blevins says:

    Wow, a lot of great stuff for my super great dad. Thanks for the chance to win.

  148. My dad inspired me to be the dad I am to my kids!

  149. My dad is a war hero and he is always there for me.

  150. Deborah Gardner says:

    My dad is great. I have 11 siblings (9 of us are adopted) and he’s pretty awesome. He’s a great dad to me and a great grandpa to my son too.

  151. This is a killer gift pack. I would love to win. Not having a father growing up, becoming one has been a challenge, but also the greatest thing that has ever happen to me. Raising my son is an adventure every day

  152. My dad is and will always be my hero. These are some great prizes that I would need to probably explain to him what they are. 🙂

  153. That is an amazing gift pack for a giveaway. Of course, I’d love to win like everyone. Happy Father’s Day to all Dads out there.

  154. Awesome prize pack. I definitely would have to share this with both of my kids’ grandfathers, though – they do a fantastic job helping me raise the kids, and deserve their fair share. 🙂

  155. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    My husband is a wonderful supportive daddy to our four children.

  156. Looks awesome!

  157. Wow. That’s a great giveaway!

  158. What a great way to show appreciation to those hard working dads out there. If we don’t win I would love to see this go to a single dad out there doing what he can to support his babies.

  159. A great package! Got my eye on that bag and the BB gift card!

  160. I like giveaways that also introduce me to a nifty website! Plus, giveaways that have a lot of great stuff! Win, all the way around!

  161. Being a father really don’t need a gift package but winning this would make it totally awesome! Let’s winning.

  162. The dad is my life is my husband. I see how much love he has for our 2 girls. Something I missed out on as a child.

  163. I learned so much from my Dad about everyday things like automotive work etc. Can’t wait to pass the knowledge onto my daughter.

  164. My Wife’s Dad is an amazing inspiration to me of what a father should be!

  165. My dad went to every single tennis match of mine, no matter what. But it was my grandfather who took pictures…of another kid on the team who kind of looked like me but was like a foot taller.

  166. I am the greatest dad ever as I learnt how to be great from my father and also my little children who think I am a mom!

  167. susan smoaks says:

    My Dad is an amazing man. He has always taken great care of all his kids. There are five of us and he is always there for each of us when we need him.

  168. My dad is the best grandpa. My daughter played high school basketball and he never missed a single game in 4 years!

  169. My dad would do anything for my family and me.

  170. My Dad is awesome because he is always there when I need him.

  171. My dad is gone now, but the thing about him was that he presented this tough as nails persona, but was definitely a softie when it came to his family!

  172. Julie matek says:

    My dad is a great father. He always did what was necessary when we were kids to put money & food on the table. My husband is also a great father to our daughter; ) thanks for the chance!

  173. My dad has passed. My husband a womderful father and deserves so much. He’s a wounded combat vet and a man’s man but so good with our girls. It’s hilarious to see him in makeup getting a pedicure from girls.

  174. My dad is amazing because he loves me, no matter how old I get he still wants to make sure I’m okay.

  175. My dad is a great guy and the hardest working man I know.

  176. Andre Moore says:

    My dad is a great role model. He’s been there for me and can’t thank him enough for the support and love he’s given me.

  177. Sonya Allstun says:

    My Dad is a great guy who loves to spend time with his grandchildren and teaches them about the outdoors and gardening.

  178. My Dad was an amazing father and I wish he could be here with us this Father’s Day. He passed 4 years ago after a long illness.

  179. Jay French says:

    From the time I started grade school to the year after I graduated high school, my Dad had this hobby – he built a house every summer in our small town or the towns up or downriver from us. He had my help, and my expertise was moving piles of wood from muddy spots. I also apparently excelled at filling nail holes in trim.

  180. Michelle Robbins says:

    I lost my dad two years ago after he had a stroke. He was an amazing father. One of my fav. memories is of him letting me sit behind him on the couch and put pink barrettes in his hair. My husband is a good father to our adopted 5 year old son. IF my husband HAD hair I’m sure he’d let our son put barrettes in his hair too.

  181. Richard Hicks says:

    My Dad is amazing because he is a jack of all trades. Any time something needs repaired, he is there to do it.

  182. Janice Cooper says:

    My step-dad is an amazing person with a great sense of humor and is a big heart.

  183. Alas, my father is no longer living, but he was such a great influence in my life. He worried about my trip to Europe although I was already almost 40 years old. He always encouraged me to try new things and always believed I would succeed.

  184. Tracy Shafer says:

    My step Day! He has been a part of my family for 30 years. When my father passed away a few years ago, we had a box for people to write a memory of dad to put in it. My step dad said it was sharing his daughters with him…it brings tears to my eyes, still…

  185. Sarah Mayer says:

    My dad is the most fun and easy to get along with person. He works hard and is never in a bad mood.

  186. April Gupton says:

    The most amazing dad in my life is my husband. He is such a good role model for my kids!

  187. My Dad is an amazing person, he is caring and giving. He has the funniest personality, that always brings a smile to everyone.

  188. Lily Wolfe says:

    My dad plays guitar in a band. That automatically sets the cool factor high.

  189. My dad taught me to never give up on my dreams and he always believes in me!

  190. Sue Barney says:

    The Amazing dad in my life is my husband he is a fantastic dad to our two sons! I would Love to spoil him with this Awesome prize pack!

  191. Stephanie Phelps says:

    My Dad is amazing because he is always there for us and always has good advise even if we don’t like it!

  192. Pam shepherd says:

    Happy Fathers Day To All Of The Dads!!

  193. Trisha McKee says:

    My daughter’s father is the best dad- he provides her with emotional and monetary support and spends quality time with her.

  194. My dad has always been the greatest father to all five of his children as well as the dozens of other children he has taken care of and loved over the years ( Him and mom were Foster Parents) and because he was so wonderful and handled a house full withe love and patience I also became a Foster Mom..So Thank you Dad for being the best daddy ever!!

  195. My dad wasn’t always present, but he tried his hardest. That’s more than some can say and I’m appreciative of it.

  196. My father made sure to never miss any of my baseball games, and instilled a love of the game in me from an early age.

  197. Gregory Blair says:

    My dad is a grump, but he’s an awesome cook! LOL Please let me win, so he won’t be so grumpy. :o)

  198. kelly woods says:

    He is a God fearing man of God!!! He is wonderful with the children and loves them with all his heart. He does everything for them and puts them first.He teaches them about what it means to care for others and how important it is treat others as you would want to be treated.He shows them the love of God and tells them about the Lord!

  199. My Dad is a spry 89 years old, U.S. Army combat vet of WWII & Korean War, a tough old bird !

  200. My husband is an amazing father, because he chose to work part time so that he can spend more time with our children.

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