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Go the Way of the Warrior Kid And Win An Awesome $200 Giveaway

It was an ever present threat levied during my lazy, underachieving childhood.

My dad would never have done it. I think. At the very least, my mom wouldn’t have let him send her baby away, but I heard the foreboding words ‘Valley Forge Military Academy’ a whole awful lot as a pudgy, pasty white, thoroughly below average C-student.

The threat to send me to a military school was meant to push me to succeed. That was the general idea.

I was to either react to the threat of a swift kick in the butt at home or to an actual big ol’ kick in the butt away from home in nearby Valley Forge.

That dangling carrot of fear was my dad’s repeated last ditch effort to get me to try, to put in the effort, to erase the perennial guidance counselor talking point of, ‘Jeff has so much potential if he’d only apply himself’.

Fast forward a few decades.

It is hard to believe I was ever that kid, because all I do now is try.

Way of Warrior kid Book Jacket

I have dropped a lot of weight over the past year, exercise regularly and would never be called lazy nowadays but this here is taking things to another level.

Here I am now, along with my own school age children, becoming a Navy SEAL warrior.

Okay, maybe that’s too strong. I and we will not be Navy SEALs like author Jocko Willink, but we are finding out firsthand how to become stronger inside and out by reading his new middle grade chapter book Way of the Warrior Kid: From Wimpy to Warrior the Navy SEAL Way and by actually doing the everyday challenges featured in the book.

I lack the physical skill to be physically tough but in reading the book with my daughters I recognized many of Uncle Jake’s Navy SEAL warrior tendencies in myself: self-discipline, routine, early riser, early workouts, productivity, and taking pride in all of that.

After reading the book last night, I went to the gym for a long, sweaty, hard workout.

I wasn’t the only one pumped up!

While the Bear read Way of the Warrior Kid out loud to us, Mouse started doing sit ups on top of the bed, pushups on the floor and has asked for a pullup bar for her 10th birthday later this month.

Please join the Bear, Mouse and I as we go the Way of the Warrior Kid this week!

Stay tuned to the OWTK social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as my daughters and I push ourselves to the limits to understand exactly what it takes to become a warrior the Navy SEAL way, not only to stand up to bullies like Marc wants to in the book, but also to become the best version of ourselves we can be.

Enjoy listening to or reading a special excerpt from Way of the Warrior Kid and then go pick up a copy of the book for your kid and you. Maybe you’ll also be encouraged to move toward achieving warrior status this summer with the help of Marc’s uncle and Navy SEAL Jocko Willink!

We all know or knew a bully like Kenny Williamson. This inspirational novel exists in part to help each of us deal with the Kenny Williamson in our life by dealing with ourselves first. Way of the Warrior Kid will fire you and your kid up!


Enter for your chance to win this awesome $200 prize pack featuring:

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Sorry, Canada. This awesome $200 Way of the Warrior Kid giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

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