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Skylanders Swap Force Launches Fall 2013


My head can barely keep from exploding as news of the next Skylanders video game is announced.  Skylanders Swap Force, the follow-up to Skylanders Giants, will take over our lives in Fall of 2013. Check out all the photos, including Wash Buckler over there —> Blast Zone up above, and one of a new Stealth Elf, plus learn of all the pertinent details (16 figures, new portal, new developer, and swappable 2-piece figures) here.

I gotta sit down. Whoa.

Watch the official Skylanders Swap Force Teaser Trailer, and stick around until the end for some Kaos hilarity.

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  1. Goodness gracious, they are marketing geniuses over there. There is always more to buy.

  2. Yes, it is a bit nutty. I feel as though they screwed up a bit with the Giants roll-out, and got a tad too greedy with the redesign of older characters. I am hoping they recapture the greatness in part 3 this fall!

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