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Live Video: Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke “Mary the Fairy”

‘Twas a family affair as Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke rolled through Philly this morning.  Key’s son lent his backing vocals to several songs, manned the butterfly net on “Mary the Fairy” and performed admirably on the (rattling) can of silly string. Key’s daughter operated the laptop, projecting her father’s illustrations on the large screen behind the band – in perfect synchronization with the tunes.

The duo was accompanied by a rhythm section and the whole band sounded terrific as they played through 1/2 of “Rise and Shine“, adding 2 cuts from their Spring Preview (video of that below), 1 classic children’s tune and 1 Happy Birthday song.

Set List (this may be slightly out of order):

  • I Had A Little Dog
  • Mr. Moto
  • Big Pet Pig
  • Happy Birthday (to Jeff Bogle…hey, that’s me!)
  • Going To The Moon
  • There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly
  • Favorite Names
  • Mary the Fairy
  • Counting One to Ten
  • Rattling Can
  • A Lullaby (that I don’t know the name of)

While I failed to get the musical birthday wish to me on video, I did manage to capture the mellow loveliness of “Mary the Fairy” (posted with Key Wilde’s permission) – Enjoy:

Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke’s next gig is Saturday, February 13th at Symphony Space in New York. Tickets and more info here.

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