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Watch This: Red Yarn’s Adorable “Mockingbird” Music Video Featuring An Awesome Dad and His Son

Born in the Deep Woods Red Yarn Album

Born in the Deep Woods album cover (photo by Aaron Hewitt/illustrations by Ryan Bruce)

Despite a healthy lifelong fear of the Deep Woods and all that lurks inside, I have a deep affinity for the ginger from Portland, Oregon known as Red Yarn.

Red Yarn, kindie rock’s resident foot-stomping folk troubadour, is back with a brand new album, Born In The Deep Woods, out tomorrow March 10 2016, which will bring the red velvet curtain down on his tremendous American folksong cycle (which includes The Deep Woods on sweet, sweet vinyl).

Here’s the first video from the new album, for the song “Mockingbird”, which features Andy Furgeson, the bearded & bespectacled bard behind the colorful moniker, and his 3-year-old son. Adorbs. Enjoy.

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