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Super Bowl Party Prep With Vegetarian Sloppy Joe and Febreze AIR

This Super Bowl party prep story is sponsored by Febreze

Super Bowl LIII Party Prep with Febreze

With me finally making the transition earlier this year, we are now a completely vegetarian household but that doesn’t mean the odors from our food are any less meaty. In fact, thanks to an extra heaping portion of sautéed garlic, balsamic vinegar and caramelized onion, it’s likely that our humble home’s kitchen is stinkier than yours when we’re prepping for a Super Bowl party.

They say defense wins championships but you have to outscore your opponent to win. The best teams, the ones capable of winning it all, they must have quality on both sides of the ball. The best Super Bowl party hosts — the Hall of Famers of the in-home entertainment game — they need the same: a thrilling offense and a stingy D.

Super Bowl Party Prep with Febreze Vegetarian Sloppy Joe

Vegetarian Sloppy Joe FTW this Super Bowl Sunday

Anyone hosting a Super Bowl LIII party this Sunday must have MVP-caliber food + drink for their guests AND they absolutely have to have the ‘get back guy’ of cleaning supplies to eliminate the odor of Sloppy Joes, warm queso dip, the garlic and onions, and all of that escaped chili gas. Yuck.

Also, when you have three cats, ya gotta get rid of a whole different set of odors before your guests even start to file into their seats!

Super Bowl Party Prep with Febreze Shopping List

Lots of odor and the MVP of odor elimination, Febreze AIR in the shopping cart for Hall of Fame level Super Bowl party prep.

As I’m shopping for my big game party supplies, I make sure to toss a can of the odor-eliminating MVP, Febreze AIR, into my cart to help me defeat odors at the line of scrimmage; pregame before the first guest arrives and postgame too, many hours, hilarious commercials and vegetarian Sloppy Joes later. The power of that Febreze AIR can helps me clean up the smells from the delicious food spread that has been savagely picked apart, the beer that has been spilled upon seats, and, in the event of a dramatic TD or hilarious commercial, tossed into the air with sheer, unabashed joy.

Thankfully, our house never quite reaches ‘locker room’ levels of stink. Still, the mix of happy party people, deliciously aromatic comfort food, and a heater cranked up above 70 thanks to the wicked Polar Vortex outside, means it can get pretty rank all up in here. Even at its worst though, the odors of Super Bowl Sunday are nothing that a few spritz of Febreze AIR can’t clear out like a Pro Bowl offensive lineman’s devastating pancake block to spring his running back for a long game-winning touchdown.

Super Bowl Party Prep with Febreze

The odors from the party don’t stand a chance.

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