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Outfitted for an Antartica Expedition or Everyday Fun on Your Home Continent with Dick’s Sporting Goods

Lovebirds in Antarctica

Huge thanks to Dick’s for looping me into their Winter Apparel campaign. I received a gift card for attending a virtual event and to write this post but of course all opinions are honest and my own.

A snowboard, skis, or a snow scooter would’ve been rad, of course, but getting any of them on the plane and then on board the Crystal Endeavor would’ve been problematic. And yet, many of the other winter wonderland goods at Dick’s could’ve outfitted my wife and I in warmth, comfort and style for our once-in-a-lifetime Antarctica Expedition with penguins earlier this month.

From base layers to keep us warm, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS Timberland waterproof boots and North Face insulated pants to keep us dry, and a Patagonia (appropriate, as White Continent trips begin down there) Retro-X Fleece Jacket to keep my looking hot at dinner in Umi Uma, Prego and Waterside, your local Dick’s Sporting Goods is capable of outfitting you for both the everyday at home and your outrageously epic adventures on any of the seven continents.

C’MON! Look at these waterproof beauties!

Not only will you score all of the threads and gear you will need for brilliant winter weather fun, you will also be sure not to get COVID in the process thanks to the best curbside pickup in the retail business, a feature that I’m happy to report is here to stay even after we get the pandemic under control, because who wants to ever pause Dua Lipa to go inside a store?

I’m working with Dick’s this winter to let you know that there’s not a better store in your town or app in your hands to outfit you and your entire family during the coldest months while also serving up all of the greatest equipment and gear you’ll need to make being outside in the snow as fun as possible. Check out some of my favorite pieces that I’ll be adding to my collection, and buying for my wife and kids this winter.

For my wife, a stunningly simply, warm and cozy purple Sherpa from one of her fave brands, North Face.

For my youngest kiddo, age 14 and incredibly stylish, these Alpine Design Holly 2.0 Boots.

My oldest kid just wants another pair of her favorite, four season kicks, Adidas Superstar (black stripe, always the classic black stripes) and I know Dick’s massive shoe department will always have them for her.

And for me, well, what to get the guy who has it all (including a bad back)? Easy slip-on Teva Moc Slippers, of course!

Whatever you need this winter, and wherever you’re heading from Antarctica with penguins to your local park with sleds, chances are Dick’s Sporting Goods has it and will gladly walk it out to your trunk in the parking lot!

Antarctica is breathtaking!
One of my Gentoo penguin friends!
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