Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels: Which is better?

Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels: Which is better?

While choosing accommodation for your next vacation, you will come across multiple options. The two most popular ones are a vacation rental and a hotel.

Both sound amazing, but which one is better?

To help you make a better choice, here is a detailed comparison between hotels and vacation rentals based on some crucial factors.


The first factor you must consider is the space, especially when traveling with a large group or family. With the Outer Banks vacation rentals, you get more space. On the other hand, hotels come with certain limitations regarding space. 

With a rental, you can book an entire property. With a hotel, you are limited to your room.

In a hotel, getting rooms on the same floor for the entire family is highly unlikely. You will be split into different rooms or perhaps different floors in a hotel. Also, a vacation rental may offer you office space if you are working remotely. You also get other spaces to hang out with your family. 


When choosing a vacation stay, your budget plays a crucial role. A vacation rental will turn out to be more cost-effective in many ways. If you are traveling with a large group, then a hotel is not an ideal choice, as booking a room for every individual will burn a massive hole in your pocket.

Also, hotels come with many hidden costs for accessing certain services. While with a vacation rental, you are free to use anything, as you have paid for the entire property. 


While traveling with family, friends, or a partner, privacy is always a matter of concern. With a hotel room, you will be surrounded by the hotel staff and other hotel guests. Thus, you can only have privacy when you are in your room. 

By booking the Outer Banks vacation rentals, you can have a private experience without any staff or guests invading your personal space. You have the whole place to yourself to enjoy spending time with your friends, swimming in the pool, and indulging in other fun activities in a more private setting. For complete privacy, a vacation rental is the only suitable choice.

Customer Service

While the customer service team for your vacation rental will be available to help you get checked in and with any questions you may have, they will not be there to provide you with services such as room service, laundry service and housekeeping. 

In a vacation rental you may give up a few of the  luxuries of a hotel but you also gain a lot of space and independence. In a hotel you will be able to enjoy having someone offer you daily services such as housekeeping but you will lack the ability to do things like cook your own meals and enjoy the larger common spaces that a vacation rental offers.


Both hotels and rentals offer different amenities with different approaches and benefits. With vacation rentals, you can have those amenities all to yourself. If you don’t prefer sharing amenities like swimming pools and hot tubs, you can opt for a vacation rental, where you and your group can enjoy common spaces and amenities all to yourselves. 

Pet Friendly

Your pets are a part of your family, so getting them along on vacation when you can’t find a sitter is a good idea. But, if you are booking a hotel, this will not work, as most hotels have a strict no-pet policy. On the other hand, many vacation rentals are pet friendly and allow you to spend your vacation with your beloved pets. 


The duration of your trip is crucial in deciding which accommodation suits you best. While hotels are perfect for a short stay, vacation rentals are ideal and more affordable for a long holiday. 


In debating which one is better, it is entirely up to you to decide. While both offer some great advantages, what matters most to you will be the deciding factor. For some, the Outer Banks vacation rentals seem a better option, whereas some may find a hotel much more suitable for their needs and budget.

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