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Hinky Pinks On The Long Drive Home


We drove out to Detroit this past weekend to run the Hockeytown 5K, traveling roughly 1100 miles in our Kia Sportage to run/walk 3.1 on the streets along the Detroit River and atop the ice of Joe Louis Arena.


Yes, I fully realize how nuts that sounds. But we weren’t alone. Far from it, actually.


Of the nearly 7000 runners who came together Voltron-style to form a glorious sea of red and white, a total of 46 states and 8 countries were represented. Red Wings Nation is loyal and committed, and the opportunity to be the only set of people to ever finish a race at center ice of The Joe was too good to pass up. Our 17 hours on the highway was nothing.


On the way back, after we stopped off in Pittsburgh for a handful of innings on a magnificent day for baseball, we started to play Hinky Pinks, easily my favorite tech-free way to pass time in the car. And then I remembered that I wrote about this word game for PBS Parents and that my oldest daughter made a pair of Hinky Pink graphic images for me. So yeah, this weekend was full of tears, reflections, hyperbole and many, many rhyming synonyms.

Learn how to play Hinky Pinks now — it’ll make your next car ride with your kid SO MUCH BETTER, I promise.

Here are some more images from our Hockeytown 5K Road Trip.









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