A Daily Fantasy Sports Game That Fits Into A Dad’s Busy Schedule

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My autumns once looked very different than they do today.

Oh, there were still copious amounts of dry, crunchy leaves of various hues scattered across the .43 acres I call home, but today the autumnal sounds and sights emanating from the 46” glowing box which hangs from a wall painted the color of the prettiest of those fall leaves is radically different. Once, in the not too distant past, my autumn weekends were overflowing with pigskin and the statistical representation of it all, fantasy football.

But, as is said, the only thing constant in life is change.

My fantasy football memories have since faded into the horizon in the rear view mirror and my disgust for ‘the shield’ seems to grow daily (really, the guy who lost is mother and a number of aunts to breast cancer is not permitted to wear pink in their honor after October 31? Ugh.)

My interest in sports, however, has never been stronger.

The 2015 baseball playoffs, for example, have been riveting! This is easily the most wide-open postseason America’s pastime has experienced since, well, since I can remember. I’m literally hanging on every pitch, recoiling at nasty takeout slides by former hometown stars, rooting for good guy David Price to finally register an October W (still waiting), and cheering every monster home run hit by Kyle Schwarber and the Cubs at Wrigley Field.

In addition to playoff baseball glory, my beloved Red Wings are back on the ice! Hockeytown’s red & white heroes are once again skating towards another playoff berth and a chance to hoist Lord Stanley’s glistening silver Cup. And lest we forget my newest sports passion, the ‘other’ kind of football played on pitches worldwide from fall to spring. I’m really in a kind of sports nirvana right now! Before the baseball and hockey games start, I’m awake early on weekends, watching a ton of BPL and La Liga matches. I even tried a salary cap fantasy Premiere League game this season, joining in the Men In Blazers league, but lost interest after a few poor weeks (I dropped Man City’s incredible striker Sergio Aguero the week before his 5 goal outburst! Ugh again). Frankly, I don’t have the attention span or emotional stamina to play long form fantasy sports; even for the sports and athletes I watch and cheer for regularly.

Between raising two kids, doing laundry, cooking, writing, photography, Netflix and chilling with my wife, and napping with my cats during the day, I’ll likely never again be able to keep up with player salaries, team salary caps, player news and league trends, and the rest of what a serious fantasy sports player (which I once was – and a very good one at that) needs to do to succeed. That stuff simply cannot play a role in my sporting and entertainment life anymore.

DailyMVP Daily Fantasy Sports DFS Screenshot NHL

Enter , a non-pervasive daily fantasy sports game for hockey and playoff baseball lovers (and yes, American football fans as well) that strips away salaries, caps, and all of that other nonsense to give dads like me an easy entry point into small, simple daily competitions that I hop into only when I’m ready — like when my Red Wings are playing that night and I know I’ll be watching them on NHL Gamecenter Live — and wherever I am at simply by using the rad DailyMVP mobile app. So, I can be stalled at parent pick-up and pick up three Red Wings, one who will score (my main man Justin Abdelkader or rookie phenom Dylan Larkin, let’s say) and two who will help preserve a shutout (Nick Kronwall and Jimmy Howard) in DailyMVP’s Hat Trick game all before the car in front of me finally decides to join the rest of the parents waaaaaay up towards the front of the line.

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Hey, what do you say we have some fun together this autumn? Let’s do battle against each other on the virtual ice. C’mon, Blackhawks fans…let’s settle this once and for all. And I know there are Penguins fans out there too, cowering in the corner thanks to their team’s hideous start. And Tampa, I want revenge after last season’s playoffs! Let’s throw it down on the ice…on DailyMVP. I’ll also take your best challenge on the diamond because the next round of playoff baseball games are starting this weekend and DailyMVP has fantasy baseball games still going on too, oh and DailyMVP’s Facebook integration makes doing battle with friends that much easier. You in?

Here’s $2 free to get started, but a lot of the on offer, like the True Star GM (screenshot below), are 100% free to enter and offer actual cash prizes. Simply use the promo code OWTK when you sign up and you’ll be gifted a couple of bucks to get started.

Who will you pick? Who will you cheer for this autumn? Who will win you cash and acclaim?

DailyMVP Daily Fantasy Sports DFS True GM Screenshot

*OWTK has been compensating for this post. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, I really do loath the NFL. Give DailyMVP a try, I am and it would be fun to play alongside you.

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