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Wherever Back To School Happens, Your Day One Starts At Dick’s

This story is sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods. All opinions expressed below are honest, unbiased and 100% my own.

Your Day One Starts Here, at Dick’s Sporting Goods

It’s mid-August. It’s brimstone-hot outside and the a/c is gasping for the air we need it to keep pumping inside.

The summer is both in full force and winding down, and I haven’t a clue as to what school will look like this fall or where it will occur. Maybe you also exist in this hinterland, a place neither here nor there, a place that at times comes into view momentarily before another puff of fog blows across our line of sight.

The seas are rough. I think I’m gonna hurl.

In a mad world of much uncertainty, there’s one thing I think I’ve got covered. I know that our day one this year starts at Dick’s Sporting Goods. They’ve got sneakers, shorts, socks, Spikeball, hoodies, backpacks, Hydro Flask water bottles, Nike bucket hats, stickers, bracelets, and so much more that that our kids and…hold on a sec, hey yeah us adults too…

Don’t forget about us old folk. We’re stressed and could really use to get back out there taking care of our bodies and minds! Dick’s has everything we need and want too.

…need to successfully and with the utmost comfort, launch into the most precarious school year on record.

Your Day One Starts at Dick’s This Back To School Season

DSG Section at Dick's Sporting Goods
Dick’s in-house DSG line, from the logo to the threads themselves, are super impressive.

In short, Dick’s has our backs as well as the literal shirt we’ll wear on our backs as we send* our kids back to school.

*Sending them to school may be synonymous with Sending them to the kitchen table, to log on and get the heck to work every autumnal morning.

Heck, you can even get everything from Dick’s loaded into your family car curbside.

Over the past couple of weeks, my fiancĂ©, daughters and I have been in and out of three different Dick’s Sporting Goods in our area (King of Prussia, Wilmington, Downingtown), emerging each time with bags upon bags of swag bought, if not for a song, then for an EP.

I scooped up some of the stellar DSG house brand zip-pocket athletic shorts and performance short-sleeve shirts as well as two pairs of Adidas shorts (also with zippered pockets ensuring my phone and house key won’t go missing while I bike, hike and run around town) and two smooth as butter Adidas t-shirts all had on a rad BOGO 50% off sale.

Adidas Zipper Pocket Shorts and t-shirt at Dick's
Me in my new Adidas threads from Dick’s. Modeling agencies, get in touch.

This was MUCH NEEDED wardrobe tweak for me because holy moly the lockdown as really brought home the sad reality of my clothing situation. I basically have been wearing the same 4 things on repeat for the past 4 months.

But enough about dad, it’s our teens who are the true stars of Dick’s Sporting Goods during Back to School season.

An old soul classic for my old soul teenager.
  • Classic B&W Adidas Superstar kicks? Finally! (shouts my first born daughter)
  • Chunky DSG sweatshirt with matching leggings? Don’t mind if I do (muttered the 13-year-old)
Lindsay Horan Adidas Display at Dick's
  • Adidas running shorts on a rack featuring UWSNT superstar Lindsey Horan? OMG Yeah (says dad!)
  • Scalloped sports bra, also from Underwood’s Calia line? Yes, please (says the 16-year-old)
  • Carrie Underwood Calia leggings with a side slot for a phone and more? You betcha (agrees the fiance and both kids)
Dick's Back to School Shopping
We bought…a few things at Dick’s for back to school, wherever that’ll actually take place.

We stopped short of buying a couple of the incredibly cool, colorful and classy compartmentalized backpacks because…it looks like our school district is going for the 100% virtual learning option, at least through the end of the year. And because there’s no need to pack up school supplies to move from bedroom to…well, probably bedroom now that they both have comfy headboards on which to prop themselves up for hours on end.

Teen picking out new Adidas running clothes at Dick's
The teen picked out this snazzy Adidas running outfit at Dick’s.

Having never really shopped at Dick’s before, only for the odd and end here and there over the years, I was impressed with the selection, diversity of type of product (I kinda thought it was all golf stuff and like, kayaks or whatever), and the in-house DSG line of athleisure apparel, which donates money to support youth sports with every purchase. I’m happy my girls got cool, comfy clothes they love to wear inside and out of the house, covering where school starts (probably at home, on camera) and where it may end up (I mean, maaaaaybe in the actual school buildings?????)

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