A Delicious Way To Come Home From Vacation

It might seem weird, what with a ship featuring an IMAX theater, a SkyRide, a soccer pitch billiards table (that’s right) and Guy’s Burger Joint outpost that one of my favorite spots on board the Carnival Vista was across from room 6341: the launderette.

Maybe (er, probably) I’m a bit of a nutbag but I’m compelled to spend considerable portions of my family’s dream vacations washing, drying and folding-nicely piles upon piles of clothes. This makes perfect sense to me for two reasons, 1) so that my ladies don’t overpack (and yet they do and will, always) and 2) so that when we return home exhausted from adventure, road and/or boat weary, and ready for copious amounts of jetlagged slumber, I have precisely zero housework to attend to for a minimum of 36 hours. Leaving the house tidy before we depart is part of my plan too, as is leaving delicious food in the freezer.

When we finally got back home after 16 hours of travel from Athens, Greece last month our bodies told us it was after midnight despite being a 88-degree late-afternoon in Philly. The last thing, and I mean the absolute last thing, that I wanted to do was stand in a hot kitchen making dinner. Fortunately, there were a few all-natural, small-batch organic pot pies from Blake’s chillin’ in the freezer. This is the most delicious way to come home from vacation.

Blakes-All-Natural-Turkey-Pot-Pie Delicious way to come home from vacation

Locked inside each of Blake’s Turkey Pot Pies is a rich, brown gravy that wouldn’t be out of place coming out of grandma’s kitchen on Thanksgiving day, enveloping forkfuls of tender Turkey that’s so fresh it’s as if it has literally been carved straight off the bone, plump green peas, cubes of potato and bites of carrots. So hearty, flaky and delicious are these pies that you quickly forget they came out of a chilly box instead of from your from-scratch kitchen but the lack of dishes in your sink reminds that Blake’s is helping you seamlessly integrate back into normal everyday life with incredible meals made in small batches, using fresh organic veggies, and with no cleanup required.

Okay fine, you gotta wash the forks but that’s it.

We’re never leaving for a vacation again without a few Blake’s pot pies in our freezer.

Blake's All Natural Beef Pot Pie Forkful Delicious way to come home from vacation

Massive pieces of succulent beef fill Blake’s Beef Pot Pies.

Blake’s all natural organic pot pies are low in sodium (for a frozen meal), are handmade from scratch in small batches using the finest all natural and organic ingredients, and right now these two new flavors can be found in your local Meijers and Publix stores with more retailers (read: TARGET!) coming later this summer and into the fall.

Check out Blake’s on Facebook and Twitter and look for the new Blake’s Beef and Turkey Pot Pies and creamy mac-n-cheeses in your favorite grocery store.

*OWTK received a few pot pies to sample and was compensated for this story. The opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always. These Blake’s pot pies truly are delicious. You gotta try ’em.

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