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Thus Begins The Whole Life Challenge

2018 Whole Life Challenge

I made mention of it yesterday, the whole Whole Life Challenge thing. My oldest brother pushed me and middle bro to join him, we did, and now we’re off on a 6-week game to best each other.

Today it begins, the Whole Life Challenge, and it began, for me, with a smart wholesome breakfast of a fried egg, about a quarter of an avocado, a triangle wedge of truffle cheese, half a link of garlic chicken sausage, 1/2 a serving (10 crackers, roughly) of Trader Joe’s 12-Grain Mini Crackers (they are the best), and 8 ounces of apple juice.

Whole Life Challenge Day One Breakfast

The weather here in SE PA is helping the cause, cooperating as if it knows what’s up.

It’s climbing above 50 degrees and is brilliantly sunny, which will facilitate a nice long hike, the likes of which I haven’t enjoyed in months. I’m even going as far as to give up some soccer watching this morning to enjoy it, be out in that weather, for fear that despite the forecast, afternoon winds will blow winter back into my face.

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