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Why I’m Walking Across England With Dads4Kesem

Dads4Kesem Hadrian's Wall Walk

84 miles is a big distance to cover on foot over the course of 7 days.

That’s the very distance I’ll walk across the north of England with 11 of my dad blogger/writer pals this summer. Why am I walking across England? Two reasons: Oren Miller and Camp Kesem.

We’re calling our journey Dads4Kesem. This is a walk to raise the money needed to launch a brand new chapter of Camp Kesem, an amazing free summer camp for kids impacted by a parent’s cancer. And that brings me to Oren Miller, a blogger and a father of two young children. Oren lost his battle with stage 4 lung cancer last year and we want to start a new Camp Kesem location in his honor.

84 miles on foot over the course of 7 days is really nothing if we are successful in bringing a new Camp Kesem location to Oren’s home state of Maryland (in partnership with the University of Maryland) and if more children will then be able to make new friends, have fun and find comfort while their family life is in serious flux due to a parent’s cancer.

Each of us Dads4Kesem walkers will be paying for our own hiking clothes, gear and supplies, and covering our own costs to get to England and to stay in inns along the Hadrian’s Wall trail. This means 100% of all contributions to the Dads4Kesem fundraising page will go to launching the new Camp Kesem summer camp location. Please consider giving to the cause. Thank you kindly.


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