Surving Snowmageddon ’16

Being hammered relentlessly for 28 hours by a blizzard with a boy-band name and then subsequently being trapped in one’s home that’s like-magic still connected to a fully functioning power grid would, on paper, seem the ideal opportunity to binge watch the holy hell out of some Netflix cartoons with your kids who are overjoyed to not have to get out of their PJs for yet another day.

Oddly though, we never once pushed the red & white button on our Roku remote while Jonas held us hostage for 4 days this week. It just didn’t come up. Instead, we wrote stories, played board games, finally stripped down the Christmas decorations, read books, watched a lot of soccer, and baked a cake for spontaneous chocolate fondue. Jesus, was that ever tasty.

Next time though, when Blizzard Sporty Spice strikes, we’ll be ready with to fire up Netflix’s Dawn of the Croods to put everyone in a pleasant mood, thus ensuring it doesn’t turn into Minnie’s Haberdashery up in here. Anyone care for a licorice stick?

Because they haven’t discovered fire yet, the Croods might seem strange bedfellows during a big bad blizzard, but the Bear and Mouse are rather enjoying the chance to snag some small screen time with characters they first met on the big screen a couple of years back (in the full-length feature film, The Croods, if you’re not keeping score at home).

The next time the weather holds you, your kids, and your plans hostage or whenever you need some Netflix eye candy to get the kiddos to chill after school while you juggle adulting at the speed of lightsaber, fire up Dawn of the Croods on Netflix and be transported back to a simpler time before people had to worry about GMOs, shoveling out their cars and well, clothing, winter or otherwise.

*OWTK is a member of the Netflix Stream Team. All opinions above are honest and unbiased, as always.

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