My Daughters’ Top Four Reasons For Loving Project Mc² on Netflix

Project Mc² is a brand new show for girls who exist in the 21st-century’s O.M.G. L.O.L. pop culture world but do so not at the expense of their wit and smarts. Project Mc² is a show for and about confident young women who are brilliant and funny, and who aren’t afraid to flaunt it.

This super fresh new tween S.T.E.A.M. show is currently my daughters’ favorite thing on Netflix. Here are their top four reasons for loving the first three episodes of Project Mc² available on Netflix right now:
Project Mc2 Netflix StreamTeam

1) The scene (featured in the show’s campy teaser trailer, below) in which bilingual, high heel shoe loving Adrienne Attoms exclaims that she’ll never wear flats…even while saving the world.

2) Discovering the funny true identity of the ‘Quail’, McKeyla McAlister’s ‘boss’ who delivers her missions via Addison, the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fan’s talking notebook.

3) Inventions like the breath mint lie detector and camera pen. Our invention table is seeing action once again thanks to the fresh inspiration provided by the first three episodes of Project Mc² on Netflix.

4) Watching the girls, less McKeyla, make colorful pasta as they sit poolside in protection of the prince, only to have some random dude sneakily eat a handful of the goods. Really, the entire non-pool-party pool party / safe house scene is still cracking up my girls the day after watching it for the first time.

This dad’s take: The four female stars of Project Mc² look like kids that might be friendly with my girls, in and out of school. The hip modern clothes they wear could easily be from H&M or Target, making their characters instantly relate-able, and their obvious smarts are similar to those found in my girls’ high level math and English classes and also at Camp Invention.

Finally, the diversity of the Project Mc² cast represents a decent slice of real American life, which is rad because kids will befriend and hang with whomever they enjoy being around and with those whom they share a commonality — skin color and/or socioeconomic status be damned. All that stuff is meaningless to progressive, smart, modern, friendly kids…which is exactly as it should be and exactly how it is in Project Mc².

Project Mc2 Netflix StreamTeam

Project Mc2 Netflix StreamTeam

Project Mc2 Netflix StreamTeam

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