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The OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Free 10-Song February 2015 Kindie Playlist

Did ya miss me? I took January off to reboot the engines for a sweet free 10-song February 2015 kindie playlist featuring my favorite song of the moment by vogelJoy, a darling & dense new tune from Gustafer Yellowgold, some weirdness from Bunny Clogs and Turkey Andersen, and a hilarious new Billy Kelly song from “Trees” a new duet album with Lunch Money’s Molly Ledford (you’ll be hearing a gem from her next month!)

The OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly February 2015 Playlist

  • vogelJoy “100 Ways For Me To Get To You” single
  • Lori Henriques “I Am Your Friend” from How Great Can This Day Be
  • Molly Ledford & Billy Kelly “(It’s Just A) Dumb Ol’ Stick from Trees
  • Big World Audio Theatre “Ode to Tater-Tot from The Peculiar Tales Of The S.S. Bungalow
  • Bunny Clogs “My Indetity” from Whales Can’t Whistle
  • Gustafer Yellowgold “Secret Fox” from Wisdom Tooth of Wisdom
  • The Hipwaders “Just Not Me” from Year-Round Sounds
  • Turkey Andersen “Time Travel Clothes” unreleased
  • The Bazillions “Silent E” from Heads or Tales
  • FleaBITE “Don’t Believe What I Say” from The Jungle is Jumping

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