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Free Kids Music on the June 2015 OWTK Kid’s Music Podcast

Hi there. Here are 10 fresh songs from the Golden Age of Family Music, including brand new kids music tunes from Recess Monkey, Red Yarn, Alastair Moock, Play Date, The Bazillions and more. Thanks to Pampers and Babies “R” Us for sponsoring this episode. Check out the #BabysBigSummer sales in store and be sure to enter my giveaway for a $50 gift card and a box of sweet baby swag.

The June 2015 OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Playlist

  • Recess Monkey “Lighter Than Air” from Hot Air
  • Red Yarn “Sourwood Mountain” from Deep Woods Revival
  • Chris Dorman and Friends “Honey Bee” from Always There
  • The Watson Twins “Sweet Summer Days” from Pioneer Lane
  • The Harmonica Pocket “Raindrops” from Sundrops
  • Play Date “Ninja Pajamas” from We All Shine
  • Rayboy Jr. “The Skunk and the Robot” from Hamster Pants
  • Alex Volz “Wish Monster”
  • The Bazillions “Use A Contraction” from On The Bright Side
  • Alastair Moock “You Might Be A Girl” from All Kinds of You and Me

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