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OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast August 2015 Playlist

The August episode of the podcast has been so graciously sponsored by TracFone. Check out their BYOP 4G LTE deal and their super rad TMNT kid’s phone bundle complete with a turtle shell phone case and a year of NQ Family Guardian monitoring service.

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Here’s the playlist for the August 2015 episode of the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast:

  • Todd McHatton “Sweet Bangs” from Super Audio Sunshine
  • Mil’s Trills “Say Hey” from Now That We’re Friends
  • Andrew & Polly “Critters” from Odds & Ends
  • Chibi Kodama “Going Crazy” from We’re Not Going Crazy… (We’re Just Growing Up)
  • The Terrible Twos “When I Get To Eleven” from If You Ever See An Owl
  • Recess Monkey & The Not-Its! “When I’m Ten” single
  • Sunshine Collective “Up To Something Good” from Up To Something Good
  • Shine and the Moonbeams “The Melody in Me” from Shine and the Moonbeams
  • Vered “Phone” from Hello My Baby
  • Molly Ledford & Billy Kelly “I, Wood” from Trees

Download the August 2015 episode directly, listen below, or grab it from iTunes or your favorite podcast supplier.

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