OWTK Kid's Music Monthly Podcast

OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast March 2015

A little late, but better than ever! The March 2015 episode of the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly is here, with new songs from Cat Doorman, Mista Cookie Jar and Bunny Clogs, and ‘oldies’ from The Pop Ups and The Not-Its, plus a whole lot more goodies for you and your kids. Enjoy 10 more songs from the Golden Age of Family Music.

March 2015 Playlist

  • The Pop Ups “Pasta” from Outside Voices
  • Joanie Leeds & The Nightlights “Food Fight” from Good Egg
  • The Not-Its “I Love Food” from Tag, You’re It!
  • Cat Doorman “Calling All The Kids To The Yard” from Calling All The Kids To The Yard
  • Walter Martin “Costa Rica” from We’re All Young Together
  • Turkey Andersen “There’s a Knot In The Lace of My Shoe” from Turkey Andersen
  • Nathalia “Los Palentas” from Dream a Little
  • Molly Ledford & Billy Kelly “Angel Oak” from Trees
  • Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips “Jelly Beans!” single
  • Bunny Clogs “Squid Guy” from Whales Can’t Whistle

Please consider downloading some or all of the songs you enjoyed this month. Even $.99 helps these independent artists continue to make brilliant music for families. Thanks.

Download the episode directly, stream below, subscribe on iTunes or via your favorite podcast provider.

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