Recipe Box: Banana Nutella Muffin Recipe

 Banana Nutella Muffins RECIPE

I like bananas. I love Nutella. I’m always up for a muffin. But I haven’t tasted a crumb of these Banana Nutella Muffins. Why? Because on the morning I made them, I’d just run 5-miles and didn’t want to ‘waste’ the effort. Did I have a spoonful of Nutella with Minion Graham Crackers a few hours later? Yes. Yes, I did. Don’t judge me and my inconsistent decisions!

“An early morning 5-mile run, doing two loads of laundry, listening to Arsenal win big, and whipping up a batch of banana Nutella muffins for my wife and kids is just about the perfect way for me to start a Sunday.”

That’s what I wrote on Sunday morning and I stand by it. What a lovely start to a lovely day that, later, saw my beloved FC Barcelona win 3-2 in an exciting match against Villareal and later still, sweet and loving portraits of fatherhood dominated the Super Bowl commercial conversation. What a day.

I followed Alaska From Scratch’s Banana Nutella Muffin recipe to a T, choosing it because I’d never before made a muffin with buttermilk (which I had and was expiring the following day) and vegetable oil. I have a reliable and tasty cinnamon banana muffin recipe and could’ve tweaked it easily to incorporate Nutella but I intentionally searched out something different because 2) I loathe repeating success and 2) dislike taking the road most traveled. And boy o boy am I glad I did, because the Mrs and the girls went CRAZY for these muffins on Sunday morning and again the next day at work and school respectively.

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