Inventing With Amazon’s Annedroids

Amazon Kids Annedroids Inspired Invention_Inventing with Annedroids

“We didn’t fail, we found a new way of doing it wrong.”

That sentence, cheerfully said by Anne in the first episode of Amazon’s original live action kid’s show Annedroids, defines the core tenant of inventing. We fail but we do not give up. We fail but we learned something new. We fail but we believe we will someday succeed.

My daughters both learned at Camp Invention this summer, from real life inventors, that we should invent things we ourselves need, so that even if the product is never made available outside your home, you’ll at least get something useful out of the effort. We also heard stories of invented for good, to find solutions that make a difference. With this in mind, my youngest girl and I set out to make a long distance, lighted feather duster made from old toys and recycled materials. This product, inspired by Amazon’s Annedroids, would be for short people and/or for those with high ceilings — because standing on chairs to dust ceiling fans and remove cobwebs from up-high corners of your house can be very dangerous — or for me to dust while sitting down watching some soccer from England early on a sleepy Sunday morning. We figured we’d add light in case someone had the urge to dust at night during a power outage (and because we thought it would be funny!).


The current impetus for such whacky creativity in my house goes back to Annedroids, a kooky live action STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) kid’s show from Amazon’s Originals. The first season is available in its entirety for Amazon Prime members, with the first episode plus some extras available on Amazon Prime Instant Video for free to everyone. The slightly amateurish acting and production values give Annedroids a retro late-80’s feel which should resonate well with parents like me in their mid-to-late 30’s, people who grew up with eyes glued to the TV for shows like Small Wonder, while the strong 11-year-old female lead will inspire a new generation of courageous thinkers and undeterred dreamers.


In “Reduce, Reuse, Robocycle”, the 3rd episode of Annedroids, Anne, Shania and Nick set out solve an inefficiency with science and invention. Their hilarious quest to automate a lawnmower with robotics to allow Nick more free time to hang out in Anne’s junkyard inspired Mouse and I to create, um, or attempt to create our automatic feather duster. We searched the house to find old stuff, long-since forgotten toys, and through a stack of recyclables stored beneath the girls’ new Gladiator by Whirlpool ‘Invention Table’ (a story about which will be forthcoming on OWTK). We ended up creating with gluey sticky fingers, a very hack feathered fan strapped to a very long stiff cardboard spacer (that was originally used, ironically, as packaging in our Gladiator Invention Table shipping box). In the end, we found that we would need more power (much like the dilemma facing the Annedroids crew in episode 1) to keep the fan and its glued-on colorful feathers spinning while making contact with the wall and windows. We discovered that the slightest bit of friction interference would stall our feather duster fan. Back to the drawing board!

“We didn’t fail, we found a new way of doing it wrong.”


Sample a bit of Annedroids with your kids, especially your young daughters who will see a rare televised site: A role model for young girls who is a smart, determined and confident young female lead character creating robots and androids out of love and a curiosity of the process and the possibilities. And then get inspired to start inventing with Amazon’s Annedroids! Gather up some of your kid’s old toys, milk jugs and other recyclables, and work on your very own whacky invention during National Recycling Week. Yep, that’s a thing. And it is happening right now!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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