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OWTK’s Helpful Idea #11: Portion Control

It’s the mighty return of the ridiculously sporadic OWTK Helpful Ideas series! Yay!

This one is all about eating well, living healthy, and NOT stuffing your food hole when out at a restaurant. OWTK Helpful Idea #11 is simple, so simple that I CANNOT BELIEVE NO ONE IN THE HISTORY OF EVERYTHING HAS EVER THOUGHT OF IT (don’t Google this idea, just believe me that NO ONE HAS EVER THOUGHT OF IT BEFORE ME).

Macaroni Grill To Go Containers

On Sunday, we frolicked in the chlorine oasis of Sesame Place for 8+ hours. By 6pm, we were pooped. Like, diarrhea-pooped, dripping life all the way back to the $17 parking lot. We were hungry for something you’d eat with a fork, something served with a vegetable. We don’t usually rock the chain restaurant tip but a Macaroni Grill sits across the street adjacent to the street Sesame Place is on and somewhere in the deep pasta recesses of my mind are positive recollections of the place from when I was a wee lad gobbling up free meals with my parents (and let’s be honest, I still look for a foodie handout from mom and dad). There we went.

Before ordering I had an idea. This idea. The best idea in the history of histories. Ask for a to-go container before your food is placed in front of your hungry wolf-eyes and put 1/2 of your meal away immediately upon its arrival. And then seal it up and put it out of reach. Instant portion control to not only keep you fitter but also to give you lunch for the next day. Brilliant, no?

And in case you’re curious, Macaroni Grill’s Penne Rustica is pretty great. For dinner AND as leftover lunch.

Macaroni Grill Penne Rustica to go

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